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Get top tips from sorority sugar for everything big/little! LINK to advice and information posts via the thumbnail listings on this page. For more big/little inspiration, please visit the HQ Homepage and use the Search Bar to find additional posts.

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• Big/Little Reveal Matching Costume Ideas •

Need a cute costume idea for big/little reveal? Get lots of adorable inspiration from sorority sugar's master list of matching reveal costumes. 


• Big/Little Gifting & Crafting for LESS •

MORE helpful advice on how to save money and still spoil your little, twins, or big at the same time. Check out these 8 budget friendly tips that help you be sweet on sorority savings. 


• 9 Ways to Mediate and Resolve a Big/Little Family Dispute •

If your family is having a rocky time, check out these top tips from sorority sugar for calling a truce and resolving differences. 

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• 25 Tips for Creating CLUES for Clue Week •

Writing clues for your future little can be very tricky. Go beyond "hometown" and "hair color" with these inventive clue writing ideas from sorority sugar.

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• How to Pick a Little: 23 Things to Consider •

What's the best way to select a little? Ask yourself these 23 insightful questions about your potential candidates and see which new member is right for you. 


• 22 Interview Questions for Potential Big Sisters • 

Not everyone has what it takes to be an awesome Big. Screen your active sisters with these pre-qualifying questions to see if they have the right stuff, before your chapter makes their big/little matches.

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• Top 10 Tips for Bigs With Multiple Littles •

It's not easy having more than one little. Bigs struggle to make it work and keep everyone in the family happy. Try these sorority sugar suggestions for getting along, keeping the peace and growing closer as sisters.


• Fun Ways to Brainstorm a New Big/Little Family Name •

If you need a new family name, it can be challenging to come up with one that will make everyone happy. Start with a productive brainstorming session and you're on your way.

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• 12 Potential Big/Little Bonding Activities • 

Encourage future big/little pairs to get to know each other with these fun activities. Also great for after reveal bonding. 

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• 58 Big/Little Bonding Conversation Questions • 

Get closer to your big/little with this long list of interesting questions for sisters to ask and get to know each other better. Perfect for your next sisterhood social or chapter retreat. 


• 48 Get-To-Know-YouBig/Little Date Ideas for New Pairs •

Doing something active together is an excellent way for big/little pairs to ease into their new relationship after reveal.  Ease the awkwardness and relax by sharing some good times.


• How to Pick a Big: 30 Things to Consider •

What's the best way to rank a sister as your first choice Big? Ask yourself these 30 insightful questions about your potential candidates and see which older sister if right for you. 

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• 60 Big/Little Speed Dating Questions • 

If your chapter hosts a speed dating session for potential big/little matchmaking, check out this list of fun get-to-know-you questions from sorority sugar. 

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• 25 Big/Little Customized Gift Ideas Beyond Crafts •

If you need a purchased gift for your sister, in addition to your chapter crafting, get ideas from this list of things to monogram and personalize. Spoil your big/little with a thoughtful treat selected just for her. 

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• Top 10 Ways to Give TWIN Gifts on a Budget •

Having twins can get expensive! Save money on your gifts and crafts with sorority sugar's top 10 ways to stretch your big/little dollars. These ideas are helpful for large families as well - not just twins. 

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• 15 New Big/Little Family Traditions to Start •

Add some pizazz to your big/little family by launching some new annual traditions. Ideal for new families, families starting over and well established families. 


• Top 10 Ways for Big/Littles to Get Closer •

Building a closer big/little relationship takes time and energy. Try these active ideas for developing a more meaningful bond with your #1 sister.


• 14 Amazing Big/Little Reveal Ideas • 

Discover 14 creative reveal inspirations from sorority sugar followers. Go beyond the basic curtain opening and add some sizzle to your next reveal. 

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• 10 MORE Big/Little Reveal Ideas • 

sorority sugar has 10 additional reveal ideas for you to choose from if you're looking for a new way to bring your big/littles together.

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• Ultimate Big/Little Giftie Guide from A to Z •

Use this master list of big/little gift ideas for both crafting and purchasing sisterhood sugar. If you can't think of what to make, or what to give, this is the post for you. 


• 14 Individual Big/Little Reveal Ideas •

Sometimes a big needs to reveal herself individually before or after the regular group reveal. Plan a solo reveal that's surprising and exciting with these sorority sugar inspirations. 

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