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• 6 Ways to Build Strong Sorority Sister Character • 

Sorority life is filled with lots of partying and having fun, but developing good character is what living your creed is all about.

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• 12 In-House Chapter Meeting Alternative Activities •

Shake things up and take a break from your regular Chapter Meetings with these "alternate" ideas for a different kind of weekly sisterhood experience.

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• Master List of Foodie Fundraising Ideas • 

Plan a new savory or sweet foodie fundraiser for your sorority's philanthropy. Pick your favorite flavors and have a tasty good time raising funds for charity.

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• Make a Dull Sorority Subject More Interesting •

If you're struggling with a "dry" or "sensitive" chapter education subject, make your speech more entertaining with these 7 creative ways to add some fun to your presentation. 

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• Master Mixer Theme List • Part 2 •

Find 45 creative theme ideas for your next mixer - social - swap - invite - crush - date party. Fun, fun, fun!

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• New Member Class to Chapter Gift Ideas •

A commemorative gift given by a new member class to the chapter should be part keepsake, part sentimental and part useful. sorority sugar shares 10 creative gift inspirations to make or buy.

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• 104 Clever Valentine's Day Treats With Matching Notes •

Pamper your sweet sisters with sweet treats on Valentine's Day with creative gifties + coordinating cards. 

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• Top 6 Ways to Improve Chapter Communications • 

Developing a communication safe zone within a sorority takes time and practice. Try these sorority sugar tips for building an atmosphere of trust and boosting member participation. 

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• Ideal Characteristics for a Chapter President to Have •

Do you have what it takes to become the president of your sorority? Most successful chapter leaders have these positive traits. See if you're president material.

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• 7 Ways to Increase Committee Participation • 

If you're chairing a sorority committee, don't go it alone! Learn how to motivate your group and get them to help you complete your chapter projects.


• 12 Holiday Party Themes for Festive Sorority Socials • 

'Tis the season for chapter frolicking and celebrating the holidays. THEME your parties, sisterhood socials and mixers for extra sweet north pole fun! 


• Greek Girl Guide to Giving Sister Christmas Gifts • 

Holiday gift giving can be stressful, especially on a tight budget. But you can still spoil your sisters with Christmas cheer and not go broke.

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• Top 20 Chapter Sunshine and Spirit Ideas •

Boost your chapter moral and keep sorority spirits high with these sorority sugar sunshine ideas for recognizing your sisters, making them smile and spreading sisterhood cheer.


• 20 Inexpensive Sorority Sister Birthday Recognition Ideas •

Spotlight your sister's birthdays without busting your chapter budget. Link to 20 thoughtful yet inexpensive ways to celebrate. 


• Top 10 Ways To Ask a Guy To Formal •

Get terrific "Ask" ideas directly from sorority sugar followers and plan a splashy ask for your next Greek formal. 


• 12 Ways to Build Panhellenic Council Unity • 

When Panhellenic cooperation and harmony is needed on campus use these helpful tips for increasing council teamwork.  


• Motivate New Members to Academic Achievement •

Are you having a hard time getting your new member class to keep their grades up? Learn how to increase new your sister's academic success.


• 33 Spiritual Inspirations for a Chapter Chaplain •

If you've been elected Chaplain of your sorority, discover new ways to elevate the spiritual lives of your sisters. Feed the inner soul of your chapter with blessings, prayers and uplifting inspirations. 

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• 7 Awesome Sorority Ice Breaker Games •

Break the ice, get to know each other better and boost your sisterhood bonds with these entertaining chapter games.


• Avoid Sorority Burn-Out: 42 Ways to Graciously Say "No"

Don't let chapter over-involvement crush your sorority spirit. Pace yourself by learning to occasionally and politely say "No." sorority sugar shows you how. 

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• Top Tips for Building a Basic Sorority Wardrobe •

There are certain fashion pieces that every sorority girl needs. Assemble your Greek wardrobe with style if you're planning to pledge. 

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• Master List of Sorority Marketing Tips •

Improve your chapter's publicity online and in person with this ultimate list of marketing ideas from sorority sugar.

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• Handle a Micromanaging Chapter President • 

Learn the best ways to deal with an overbearing president or e-board officer. sorority sugar shows you how to be proactive and manage a controlling personality with skill. 


• Top 9 Ways to Overcome Sorority Embarrassment •

If an embarrassing event happens to you as a sorority sister, find helpful advice on how to work though it and get over being mortified by your personal blunder.


• Types of Sorority Alumnae Events • 

Bring your collegiate chapter and your alums together with a fun joint activity. Brainstorm some new event ideas from this master list. 


• 10 Super Fun Ways to Share and Grow Closer •

If your chapter isn't as connected as it should be, play some creative games that will boost your sisterhood unity. 


• 20+ Co-Ed Greek Sober Socials •

Plan a co-ed mixer that's action packed and amazing - even without the booze. If guys are your guests, they will respond best to sporty events, games, competitions and building things. 


• 10 Positive Goals for a New Colony •

Get your founding chapter off to an amazing start with these vital steps that spell success for a new sorority on campus.


• 50 Lovable Sisterhood Shares Part 1 •

Feel the love when your sisters share what they love about each other. Perfect for socials, big/little events, retreats and new member gatherings.

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• Top 12 Tips for a Successful Sorority Interview •

Don't be nervous about your upcoming Greek life interview. Prepare for a your next chapter e-board, panhellenic council, colonization or internship interview. 


• Thanksgiving Sisterhood Social Inspirations • 

Count your blessings and plan a festive Thanksgiving party for your chapter.

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• 60 New Member Class Activity Ideas •

Plan activities for your new member class between bid day and initiation and show them what sorority life is all about.  


• Top 10 Ways to Avoid Regrets in Sorority Life •

Sidestep sorority pitfalls and make sure your chapter years the happiest of days. Live sorority regret free with these 10 positive tips.

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• 40 Fun & Frugal Sisterhood Strengthening Activities •

If you do don't have the chapter budget for extravagant membership events, you can still increase your sisterhood closeness by doing less expensive things together. Let the good times roll with these affordable ideas. 

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• 22 Creative Thank You Gift Ideas With Matching Notes •

A sweet treat with a coordinating message attached is a terrific combination for saying thank you. Browse these cute and clever ideas for showing your appreciation.

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• Ultimate Sorority Grad Gift Guide •

A sister's graduation gift should be a combination of past sentiment and looking forward. Honor the grad's sorority days with these 20 creative ideas for unique graduation presents. 

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• Master Mixer Theme List • Part 3•

Link to 54 cool mixer - social - swap - invite - crush - date party theme ideas from sorority sugar. Time to party in style. 

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• Top 10 Ways to Connect With Sisters Over the Summer •

Don't loose touch with your sorority sisters during the long summer months. Communicate online and in person with these fun and creative bonding ideas.

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• 25 Sorority Valentine Fundraising Ideas • 

Valentine's Day is a terrific time to host a chapter fundraiser. sorority sugar shares 25 loveable event ideas for raising funds with a Valentine's theme. 


• Top 11 Ways to Motivate Your Members •

Are you looking for ways to motivate and inspire your sisters to participate in chapter life? Check out these sorority sugar suggestions for energizing your sisters and getting them more involved.

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• Top 10 Tips for Being a Super Sorority Leader • 

Congrats ~ you’ve just been elected to your chapter executive board. Now what? Learn how to launch your leadership position and make your time in office really count. 

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• Top 12 Do's and Don'ts of Super Sorority Leadership • 

Be an outstanding officer. Be a chapter motivator. Be a leader who inspires and gets things done. 

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• 60 Insightful Officer Interview Questions •

If you're interviewing sisters for e-board positions, check out these top questions to ask the candidates. If you’re running for office, these might be the type of questions you'll need to answer.

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• 12 Merry Sisterhood Social Holiday Gift Exchange Ideas •

Don’t let your annual Christmas sisterhood social die of boredom! Put a new twist on your chapter gift exchange with these fresh party ideas.

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• 22+ Panhellenic Community Service Project Ideas •

Motivate your greek community to do good deeds in your college town. Join together for a creative panhellenic project that will help the needy and foster a spirit of Panhel unity. 


• Bounce Back From a Negative Chapter Reputation •

Any sorority can get off track and develop a bad rep on campus. But with a commitment from all the sisters, a chapter can revive its good name. Rebuild your sorority's positive reputation. 


• 19 Ways to be a Nicer Sorority Sister • 

One of the most important traits a sister can have is just plain niceness. Take these simple steps to being a nicer you!


• 20 Awesome Two Sorority Panhellenic Socials • 

Building bonds between sorority chapters is a terrific idea. Match sorority chapters together two at a time for super FUN socializing. 

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• 38 Finals Week Treats With Matching Quotes •

Encourage your sisters to ace their finals by giving them little goodies with motivational notes. These sweet treats will ease the stress of studying. 


• 5 Fun Sisterhood Bonding Ice Breakers•

Get closer to their sisters, create unity, ease the divisions in your chapter, break down barriers and have fun together when you play these terrific bonding games. 

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• 6 Seeking Sisterhood Closeness Ice Breakers •

After bid day - or anytime you want to learn more about your sisters - play these fun ice breaker games. Strengthen the ties that bind at your next retreat, meeting, or sisterhood social.


• 8 Tips for Simple Sisterhood Strengthening •

Keeping bonds strong is the key to chapter longevity and happiness. Get organized, make a plan and take steps to promote unity within your membership.


• 10 Ways to Enhance Your Sorority Ritual • 

Sorority rituals are all about tradition, but sometimes they can be a little dry. Add more interest to your ritual day with these special touches. 


• Top 10 New Year - New Semester Resolutions •

New year, new semester, new beginnings. Take a pledge to become a better sorority sister in the semester ahead.


• 7 Fun Retreat Bonding Activity Ideas •

Plan some super fun games and activities for your next sisterhood retreat. Get closer and have a blast doing it!

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• 6 New Member Class Get Acquainted Games •

Play some fun games at your new member retreat, social, or pledge class meeting. These ice breaker activities will help everyone get to know each other better. 


• 7 Ways to Get Your Sorority Alums Involved • 

Attract your alums to chapter events and activities with these top tips from sorority sugar. Get them involved and engaged. 


• Sweet Greek Gift Basket Inspirations •

Give treats to other sororities and fraternities in creative gift baskets. Get "basket inspired" from this list of themes from sorority sugar.


• 17 Ways to Make Your Sorority History Come Alive •

Have fun with your sorority's founding and get really creative with your historical education. Share your history in ways your sisters will never forget. 


• 60 Festive Christmas Sisterhood Socials • 

Deck the halls with these frolicking party ideas for celebrating the holidays. Plan a merry, merry event and share seasonal cheer with your sisters.


• 50 Lovable Sisterhood Shares Part 2 •

Let love in with these 50 more 'What I Love About You' shares that encourage sisterly expression. Fun to play at sisterhood socials, retreats, or meetings.


• Increase Your Odds of Being Elected to Office •

It's not easy running for office and winning a chapter election. Increase your odds for success with these valuable suggestions from sorority sugar.


• 26 Fall Fun Activity Ideas • 

Fall in love with these seasonal activities for sisterhood socials, date parties, or Greek community events. 

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• 35 Spring Sisterhood Activities •

Spring is in the air and it's time to plan a sweet and simple chapter activity. Find fresh inspiration for a springtime sisterhood social. 


• Master List of Sorority Photo Poses •

Check this ultimate collection of photo shoot poses before your next chapter portrait session or big/little reveal. Look fantastic on social media when you recreate these cute Greek girl poses. 


• 5 Fun "2-Hour" Sisterhood Socials •

Plan a chapter event geared towards member interaction, team building and bonding with your sorority sisters. 

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• Cold Weather Fundraising Ideas •

Don't let cold temperatures keep your sorority from philanthropy fundraising. Check out these indoor and outdoor ideas for having fun while raising funds during the winter months. Brrrr...


• Master Mixer Party Theme List from A to Z •

Need a THEME for your next mixer - social - swap - invite - crush - date party?  Choose from 71 cute and clever ideas. 

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• Senior Serenade Good Bye Songs •

Send your graduating sisters off with a senior serenade or grad tribute video. These farewell songs are ideal for adapting to your chapter. 

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• Connect and Reconnect With Sisters Abroad •

Stay connected with sisters studying  abroad and warmly welcome them back into the chapter when they return. 

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• Top 7 Tips for Making Closer Sisterhood Connections •

If you feel distant from your sorority sisters, there ARE steps you can take to become better friends. Reach out and your bonds will grow stronger. 

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• 61 Halloween Sayings for Spooky Socials • 

Scare up some fun at your next Halloween mixer, date party, or sisterhood social with a memorable All Hallows Eve saying for invites, tee shirts and banners.  

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• 8 Chapter President Survival Tips • 

Being president can be quite stressful. Don't let sisterhood drama get you down with these top tips from sorority sugar. Helpful suggestions for other e-board officers too.

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• 35 Gift Ideas for a New Chapter President •

Make your new president feel welcomed and appreciated with a personalized gift from the chapter. 

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• Inexpensive DIY Formal Favor Ideas •

If your chapter is brainstorming budget friendly formal/semi-formal favors that are appropriate for guys and girls ~ check out these customizable goodies that can be themed to your event. 


• Strong Sorority Sisters: The 13 Pitfalls They AVOID •

Greek life disappointments happen. Discover the things successful Greek girls don’t do when faced with sorority life's ups and downs. 


• 11 Ways to ACE Your Sorority Meetings •

IF meetings are handled the right way, they can be informative, motivating and a chance for sisterly bonding. Don't dread chapter meetings - make them fun and productive.


• 18 Creative Ways to ASK Someone Special to _____  •

Do you need to ASK a special sister to be your “adopted” little? Ask a guy to formal? Or offer an informal bid to a PNM? Add some extra flair to the “asking” when you pop a Greek life question.


• 8 Invaluable New Member Tips •

You survived recruitment and you pledged a sorority. Make the most of your membership with sorority sugar's top tips for new members.

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• 95 Elegant Formal/Semi Formal Theme & Name Ideas •

Every fancy Greek social event needs a theme and a catchy name! This master list of inspiration is great for dances, semi-formals, formals and galas. 


• Top 10 sorority sugar Positive Principles to Live By •

Every individual and every sorority goes through rough times. sorority sugar shares her best advice for looking lemonade out of your lemons.

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• 31 Sweet Sisterhood Shares •

Play this enlightening ice breaker game and encourage your sisters to share their lives with each other. A wonderful ice-breaker for your next retreat, social, or meeting.

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• 40 Fun & Frugal Things to Do Together •

Be sweet on affordable sisterhood activities. Increase your closeness without breaking your chapter budget.

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• Sisterhood "Most" and "Most Likely To" Awards List •

Improve your sisterhood awards with some creative examples from this Master List of "Most Likely" chapter award ideas. Perfect for retreats, initiation parties, special meetings and senior send-offs.

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• Top 14 Ways to Deal With Snarky Sister Insults •

If your sisters are getting carried away with catty comments and bitchy bad mouthing - this post is for you. Learn the best ways to not be a victim of sorority insults. 


• Mega List of Sorority Fundraising Ideas •

Launching a new fundraiser is a fabulous idea for energizing your membership and attracting new participates to your philanthropy. Brainstorm creative ideas from sorority sugar's master list of fundraisers. 


• 17 Fabulous Date Party Theme Ideas •

Grab a date and host a themed party that your guests will love. Get ready to dress in costume and have a blast. 


• 50 Things Sororities DO •

What exactly do members of a sorority do? Check out this master list of the typical things Greek girls participate in on campus. 


• 53 More Chapter + Alumnae Activity Ideas •

Keep your sweet alumnae active in the life of your chapter with these entertaining social ideas. Get them more involved and everyone benefits.

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• 10 Indoor Sober Socials •

Your sorority can skip the booze and still have fun with these "dry" sorority+fraternity mixer ideas. Think games, tournaments, trivia and maybe some costumes.


• 12+ Top Ideas For a Sorority Time Capsule •

Create an awesome chapter time capsule for future sisters to enjoy, by including these essentials recommended by sorority sugar. 

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• 50 'Rhyme Without Reason' Date Party Costume Ideas •

If you've been invited to a date function with a Rhyme Without Reason theme, check this master list of unrelated-yet-rhyming couple's costumes. 


• 12 Top Tips for Panhellenic Council Consideration •

Show the Panhel that you're an ideal candidate for a position on the council. Prep for your interview and increase your chances of being elected with these insightful pointers from sorority sugar.


• Top 40 Greek Girl New Year's Resolutions •

Time for a some self improvement! Start the new year/new semester off right with these positive sorority sister resolutions. 


• Be an Amazing New Member From A to Z •

You got a bid! Make the most of your new membership with these valuable tips for maximizing your sorority experience. 

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• 47 Indoor Health & Fitness Event Ideas •

Boost the fitness level of your sisterhood with a workout social or health themed event at your sorority house, gym, or other indoor facility. 

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