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Fun Retreat Crafts and Ice Breakers

Fun Retreat Crafts and Ice Breakers

Add some pizzaz to your next sisterhood retreat with some creative crafts and interactive bonding games!

🌲 Retreat Craft Ideas 🌲

1. Make Dorm Decor: Freshen up your sorority house by making some cute room decor on retreat!

  • Make no-sew hand tied flannel blankets, or XL hand tied fleece floor pillows.
  • Decorate inexpensive lamp shades with fabric, trim and beads.
  • Paint wood trays or wastepaper baskets, then add a ribbon & bow to each one.
  • Cut monograms or sorority mascots out of foam-board. decorate with acrylic paint & pearls. 
  • Paint glasses or vases. display samples as inspiration for the artistically challenged. Also provide templates for your greek letters, mascot, crest and flower. 

2. Create a Chapter Quilt: Ask each sister to decorate a square of fabric during the retreat. Then have a professional seamstress assemble the commemorative quilt after the event. Another option is to have each sister donate a greek tee shirt and make a chapter tee shirt quilt. A variation on this theme is to make a chapter mosaic with crafted squares made out of decorative paper or ceramic tiles. 

3. Make Mini Scrapbooks: Have each sister bring an assortment of her favorite sisterhood photos printed out on paper. Give each girl a small "scrapbook” and provide decorative paper, accents and glue sticks. Theme your memory books to your mission statement,  or special chapter goals for the year. 

🌲 Retreat Ice Breaker Ideas 🌲

1. Name Tag Ice Breaker: When the sisters gather for the first time, ask each girl to choose an adjective that begins with the first letter of her first name ~ one that really matches her personality. For example, Ravishing Rachel or Courageous Courtney. As the girls mingle, they should ask each other about their adjective names and what they mean.

2. Greeting Game: As a group, 1) ask each sister to turn to the girl on her right and greet her as if she really doesn’t want to be at the retreat - like she can’t wait to get out of there. 2) have everyone (simultaneously to create lots of fun and excitement) turn to the same girl and greet her as if she is a long lost, deeply loved relative who has just returned home from a long absence. 3) then ask everyone (again simultaneously) to turn to the same girl on the right, and greet her as if she just told you that you won the state lottery for 50 million dollars and you have the ONLY winning ticket!

3. Tee Shirt Talk: Ask each sister to bring, not wear, a favorite non-greek tee shirt to the retreat. Once everyone is gathered together, ask each girl to show her shirt and explain how that tee shirt best represents her personality.

4. Kid’s Camp: Theme one day of your retreat as a “blast from the past.” Plan a jump rope tournament, hula hoop contest, play hopscotch, color in coloring books, make play-doh sorority mascots, and if the weather's warm, provide several kiddie wading pools, water pistols, etc.. Plan for all out kiddie fun! Serve popcorn and snow cones. Everyone will bond while they release their college student stress. A variation on this theme would be to host a Barbie, Strawberry Shortcake, or other ‘childhood favorite’ retreat. 

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