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Top 10 Ways to Ask a Guy to Formal

Top 10 Ways to Ask a Guy to Formal

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sorority sugar blog followers have the most creative ideas when it comes to asking a guy to formal! Ask your next date with tons of sorority STYLE.......

1. Tapping: In my sorority, we ask the men if they would like to go and then we “tap” them. It's a lot of fun. We take a song and edit it to fit our formal theme. For example, our theme is ‘fire and ice’ and we rewrote ‘its getting hot in here’. Then we go to each fraternity and sing to them and give each of our dates gifts. The tapping gifts range from a bucket full of candy to hand-painted glasses, girl scout cookies and even homemade cupcakes. It's so much fun for us and I know that the fraternities enjoy it. ~ Samantha, Sigma Kappa

2. Banner luv:  At Auburn, the guys get asked to formal by surprise banner hanging! The girls paint banners and then hang them on the fraternity house doors. luckstoblame

3. Door decor: My idea for asking a guy out to formal this semester is by decorating his dorm door. I absolutely love when people's doors get decorated for special occasions, so I plan on asking by decorating his door and surrounding wall with balloons, streamers, and posters asking if he will go to formal with me. I also plan on taping his favorite candy to his door to make it a little more sweet! ~ Chloe, Alpha Delta Pi

4. Foodie fun: Buy a pizza and write "I know this is cheesy, but will you go to formal with me?" on the inside lid and give it to him. Bake cookies, cupcakes, or a cake, and write FORMAL? with icing. ~ Kelsey, ADPi

5. Snow sugar: If there's snow where you live, build a couple of snowmen and have their arms holding a sign that says "Will you go to formal with me?" ~ Kelsey ADPi

6. Sticky sweet: While your intended date is in class, or at work, cover his entire car windshield in sticky notes that say "formal?" This would also work on his dorm door, bicycle or motorcycle. ~ Danielle, AST

7. Balloon blast: Sneak into his room and put balloons everywhere. Attach little cards to the balloon strings. On each card, put a different letter that spells out your invitation. For example, spell out "April 19" on one side of the cards and "Formal?" on the opposite side! Bake cookies too of course. ~ anon

8. Cooler crafting: If you're sure the answer will be yes, go ahead and paint a formal cooler, or an XL jug, for your date. Deliver it to his fraternity house as your invitation. Attach a note asking "Formal?" and fill the cooler with a couple of his favorite beverages. ~ sorority sugar

9. Special delivery: Have his favorite dinner or treats delivered to his fraternity house with your ask attached. Schedule a delivery of his favorite Chinese take-out, Mexican fiesta, the best burgers, etc. Or order  chocolate covered pretzels, a cookie bouquet, flavored popcorn... A surprise package and a surprise invitation is sure to make him say yes! ~ sorority sugar

10. Tee shirt ask: Print a tee shirt that says "got formal?" and either wear it to your special invite, or take a picture of yourself in the shirt and text it to your guy! ~ sorority sugar

Bonus idea ~ my tie formal: We did a My Tie Formal where we were assigned partners who found the dates for us instead of asking ourselves! Then our partner gave us the tie, and the boys came and found their ties later. This took a lot of pressure off of the girls and they didn't have to ask. Girls who had boyfriends were paired together, and some of the single ladies got hot blind dates that were friends of friends who wanted to come to a formal. It was a lot of fun! Elyse, Alpha Chi Omega

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