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Greek Life to Work Life Translations

Greek Life to Work Life Translations

Dear sorority sugar, I'm starting to look at job applications and information needed for them. Different people have recommended that I have a list of hobbies and interests ready in case I am asked about them in interviews. I want to seem experienced and well put together. How can I put a professional spin on sorority hobbies like crafting, hanging out and bonding?  

sorority sugar: Crafting is a recognized "hobby" and "interest." You should also list your special talents such as art and painting. Many skills practiced in a sorority will translate to an employment application or resume. Here are more sorority-to-resume suggestions......

📝  Sorority-to-Resume Translations 📝 

  • Design Experience: Designed tee shirts, chapter website, social media graphics, banners, recruitment decor, chapter invitations and publicity pieces. Resume Translation = graphic design • interior decorating • computer graphics • social media marketing.
  • Volunteered for ____ & ____: List each philanthropy individually and what you actually “did” for them, instead of just listing general volunteering. For example, you organized a taco dinner to raise funds for XYZ charity, read books every month to hospitalized children, hosted a senior citizen’s holiday party, collected and sold prom dresses to underprivileged teens. Name the organization, your accomplishments and the skills you developed. Resume Translation =  service in the community • leadership • teamwork • reached service & fundraising goals • planning & organizational skills • giving back. 
  • Chapter Leadership: Showing leadership is so important! If you held ANY position in your chapter, make sure to list it and what skills you gained from the position. Include e-board offices, chairmanships, panhellenic council positions, committee chairs, etc. Even the smallest job can be truthfully embellished to showcase leadership. Resume Translation =  people skills • teamwork • creativity • managing a budget • motivating others • responsibility.  
  • Recruitment Participation: Recruitment gives a sorority sister LOTS of people skills and develops an outgoing personality. Detail how many PNMs your chapter recruited each year, the planning involved and the interviewing skills you developed to become a top recruiter. Resume Translation= salesmanship skills • publicity • marketing • promotion • entertainment • meeting quotas • evaluating candidates. 
  • Panhellenic Involvement: Your experience with the panhellenic and/or partnering with fraternities on all-greek events such as Anchor Splash, Greek Week, Turtle Tug, Derby Days and the annual Marathon, provides lots of valuable skills. Be sure to include your duties and what you gained from each experience. Resume Translation = teamwork • organization • planning • scheduling • time management • sales • fundraising • publicity. 
  • Alum Interaction: Dealing with alumnae may seem like just part of being in a sorority, but you can gain valuable skills from alumnae relations. Resume Translation = work well with all ages • relate to older people • motivated alums to participate • event planning.
  • Attending Greek Socials: Being sociable is lots of fun and helpful to your future life. Being greek shows that you are an active, involved person. If you also decorated or made costumes for socials it displays your creativity as well. Resume Translation = socially skilled • comfortable in new social settings • good conversationalist • outgoing • personable • friendly & likable • artistic. 
  • Sisterhood Participation: Attending retreats, meetings, study sessions, educational programs and conventions fine tunes your personal development. Resume Translation = eagerness to learn • team building • loyalty to an organization • quest for knowledge • dedication. These are all things a company values highly in an employee.
  • Honoring Rituals: Honoring traditions and standards shows a respect for the past, living by a code of decent behavior, striving for excellence and obeying the rules. Being a greek in good standing highlights that you’re an accomplished person who will be a loyal employee. Resume Translation = honor • loyalty • respectability • reliability • personal high standards • able to keep sensitive information confidential.  
  • Creative Writing: Writing lyrics, poems, songs, skits, blog articles, press releases, and newsletter submissions for the chapter are a valuable way to showcase your writing talents. Command of the English language is important in every career field. Resume Translation = writing ability • artistic talent • publicity • communication skills. 
  • Artistic Expression: Designing and painting lawn letters, banners and other large scale creative projects is resume enhancing for artistic careers. Resume Translation = art experience • craftsman skills • design talents. 

Other things you have learned from greek life:

  • Time management skills
  • Discipline
  • Dedication to academics
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Patience and endurance
  • Setting goals and reaching them
  • Being able to keep a confidence
  • Social media etiquette
  • Self-confidence
  • Service and generosity
  • Tolerance and respect for others
  • Teamwork

 For listing sorority experiences on a resume follow these steps:

  • List the position title and dates held.
  • Name the duties and responsibilities.
  • Acknowledge your extra accomplishments, such as breaking an attendance or fundraising record at one of your events.
  • Relate the position to your career goals. If you are applying to be an event planner, explain how programming events for your sorority gave you valuable experience in this area. 
  • Besides the highlights of your individual position, you can also include a short mention of your experience serving on your chapter’s e-board as a VP. This shows teamwork and even more leadership skills. 

Any employer should be impressed by the wealth of experience and the personal traits which a sorority member brings to the table! On a career resume, and in a job interview, emphasize your talents and put your BEST self forward in every way.

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