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31 Sweet Sisterhood Shares

31 Sweet Sisterhood Shares

The sisterhood share is a wonderful ice-breaker for your next sisterhood social, retreat or special chapter. Type and print the “shares” list, cut into individual strips, fold them, and put them in a bowl. Have your sorority sisters sit in a circle and take turns drawing and answering the questions. 

🎀 Sweet On Sisterhood Shares 🎀

• Share your greatest pet peeve.

• Share one thing you don’t like to be nagged about.

• Share one career path that you would be interested in pursuing if time and money were available.

• Share one thing you would like to know about the future.

Share what decade you think had the best fashion.

• Share about the one item you would take with you if you were a contestant on Survivor.

• Share your biggest fear.

• Share about your most treasured (inanimate) possession.

• Share a recipe that you absolutely could not live without.

Share who you would love to trade places with for a week.

• Share about a famous person you would love to have over to your home.

• Share a childhood dream.

• Share about a place in the world you would like to visit but have been to yet.

• Share about a person who has been a great role model to you.

Share the most unexpected compliment you ever received.

• Share about the last book you read.

• Share about the chore you loathe the most.

• Share about your favorite hobby.

• Share about your greatest passion.

Share a short review of your favorite movie.

• Share about the most amazing place you have visited in your life.

• Share a dream you have that has not yet come true.

• Share about something that took you a lot of courage to accomplish.

• Share your fondest family memory.

Share the worst advice you’ve ever received.

• Share your favorite saying to live by.

• Share the most embarrassing moment you ever experienced.

• Share the details of your first date.

• Share about the teacher who had the greatest impact on you.

• Share your proudest moment.

Share the funniest thing anyone has ever said to you.

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