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Top 10 PNM Sorority Recruitment Don'ts

Top 10 PNM Sorority Recruitment Don'ts

Many PNMs worry about what to do, what to expect, what to wear and what to say during sorority recruitment. Sometimes reviewing what NOT to do is just as helpful as a 'to do' list. 

PNM DON’TS ......

  • Don’t be desperate. Sororities can smell desperation a mile away. Even if you have no friends on campus, and you think you will absolutely die without joining a sorority, please don’t be clingy and panicky. DO keep it cool.
  • Don’t stand out too much. Recruitment is not the time for a giant neon green bow, Lilly from head to toe, or thick nightclub makeup. Don’t overdo the statement jewelry, potent perfume, trendy nails, super high heels, or anything else that’s really exaggerated. DO keep it classy.

Recruitment means no trash talking, cussing or inappropriate slang.

  • Don’t forget your manners. Say please and thank you when you're handed a snack and when you’re speaking with a sister. Try to remember names without staring at the name tags. Accept beverages and food offered to you. Take at least a nibble and a sip. DO keep it polite. 
  • Don’t use bad language. Remember recruitment is not a bar, a frat party, or hanging out in your own apartment. Recruitment means no trash talking, cussing or inappropriate slang. Even if a phrase is used in a popular song, or frequently written on Twitter, please don’t repeat it to sisters or PNMs. Obnoxious and offensive words are never a good idea during rush. DO keep it clean.
  • Don’t over express yourself. Yes, sororities want to get to know you, but recruitment is not the time to tell everyone about your troubled childhood, the pain of your parent’s divorce, your medical problems, or how you were bullied in elementary school. Edit yourself and be upbeat. DO keep it positive. 
  • Don’t forget the sniff test. You cannot smell funky during recruitment! Check your underarms, your breath, your feet and your feminine products. If you have a problem with perspiration and body odor, deal with it before recruitment starts. Visit the dentist if you need to. Brush your teeth, floss and use breath freshener (mints or strips, not gum). Change your feminine hygiene products more frequently ~ just in case. And please do not overdose on perfume. A hundred girls in one room, each with a different scent, is nauseating. DO keep everything oder free. 
  • Don’t get over emotional. If you start sobbing during the sorority singing or candle lighting, you could appear unbalanced. Showing some emotion is normal, but you don’t have the chapter memories to warrant uncontrolled crying. Members do notice this type of thing. They may consider you a drama queen. Inappropriate and excessive emotion could keep you from getting the bid you want. DO keep it under control.

Never talk bad about another house, a sorority sister, a fellow PNM, a girl from high school or anyone else.

  • Don’t gossip. Never talk bad about another house, a sorority sister, a fellow PNM, a girl from high school, or anyone else. It's mean spirited and makes you look “small.” You never know who's connected or related. Sororities really frown on bad-mouthing other greeks and fellow PNMs during recruitment. DO keep it friendly.
  • Don’t try something new. Now is not the time for a brand new hair style, new hair color, new piercing, new eyebrow waxing, or new high heels. Anything that will make you feel awkward or insecure it a no-no. If you hate your new hair color, or you can’t walk in your new pumps, it will make you very self conscious. Save the experimentations until after rush week. DO keep it tried and true.
  • Don’t dismiss the small stuff. A simple smile, a laugh, a hug, a mutual friend, a shared experience, a good GPA, a nice dress, a pretty bracelet, a funny antidote, a goofy joke, a glow in the eyes, a heartfelt thank you, poise, charm and grace go a long way to making you a highly desirable PNM. Be your BEST SELF and be the PNM all the sororities want to pledge! DO keep it real.  
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