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Top 10 "Girls Night In" Sisterhood Social Themes

Top 10 "Girls Night In" Sisterhood Social Themes

Have a blast with your sisters when you host a super fun - GIRLS ONLY - sisterhood social. Theme your party to make it even more enjoyable. These are some of sorority sugar's favorite theme ideas......

๐ŸŽ€ 10 Sweet on Sisterhood Themes ๐ŸŽ€

โ€ข Paint-A-Craft Night: Crafting blitz and exchange. Everyone crafts picture frames, pin boxes, wooden letters, hand-tied blankets or pillows, etc... Then host a round-robin exchange.

โ€ข Fashion Swap: Swap handbags, dresses, scarves, sweaters, or jewelry. Everyone brings one nice fashion item to exchange. You could also host this as a greek apparel swap.

โ€ข Exotic Adventure: Host an Arabian theme social with belly dancing lessons and an authentic Arabian buffet. Or, an Indian theme with henna hand painting and an Indian food buffet. Be adventurous ~ try an activity and food thatโ€™s totally new to the sisters.

โ€ข Greek Girl Book Club: The chapter reads the same {fun} book during one month and then host a party to discuss the novel. Play trivia games related to the book. Theme the party around the novel, i.e. romance, mystery, southern, British, etcโ€ฆ

โ€ข Sorority Spa Night: Arrange for local manicurists to come to your sorority house, or visit a local salon, to get mani-pedis for all. Set up a facial table and back massage station. Give beauty tips, serve sparkling cider and fancy finger sandwiches.

โ€ข Lil Girl Birthday Party: Party like youโ€™re 5 years old! Throw a nostalgic little girl birthday party with pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, party hats, horns, streamers, birthday cake and all the frills. Play duck-duck-goose, musical chairs and color in coloring books. Have everyone bring their favorite doll to the social.

โ€ข Movie Marathon: Chick flick film festival. Screen the chapterโ€™s favorite chic flicks all night long. Play a chic flick trivia game, chic flick charades and guess the movie quotes game. Everyone wears pjs and eats popcorn.

โ€ข Girls-at-the-Grill: Get grillinโ€™ & chillinโ€™ together. Plan an Outdoor grill party with hamburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob and all the fixins. Host a โ€œbest burgerโ€ competition. Combine with a โ€œsmoothie smashโ€ smoothie tasting event for extra fun.

โ€ข Chocolate Factory: All about chocolate! Make chocolate cupcakes and brownies, have a blind-folded chocolate tasting contest, rent a chocolate fountain, serve hot chocolate, etc. Add a chocolate costume contest, where girls dress as their favorite candy bar or chocolate dessert.

โ€ข Barbie Blast: Welcome to the totally pink barbie dream house. Host a barbie board game marathon, have a barbie doll swap (everyone brings a barbie to exchange), stage a barbie fashion show and award prizes for the outfits that look โ€œmost like barbie.โ€ Serve all pink food & drink. 

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