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Top 10 Sorority Public Relations Tips

Top 10 Sorority Public Relations Tips

Do you need to raise the profile of your sorority? Could your chapter use a little positive publicity for a change? Check out these sorority sugar top tips for increasing your sisterhood public relations!

🌻 Max Your Chapter Marketing 🌻

• Know your audience. Know who you're trying to reach with your publicity. Do you want to contact high school PNMs? Or every student on your college campus? You wouldn't publicize your sorority on a "greek’s only" website if you are trying to reach non-greeks. Make a list of exactly who you want to communicate with and determine where to find them. Be sure to target your audience, don’t use a willy nilly shotgun approach. 

• Connect in the right places. Connecting with alumnae is different than connecting with students. Find out where your target audience hangs out the most. Is it the student center, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the dorms, the dining hall, the alumnae newsletter? Zero in on your best communication sites (both physical and online) and use them actively. 

Use your main message in all your public relations repeatedly and consistently.

• Develop your message. Prepare a one sentence, concise, value-driven “pitch” that defines your sorority and what it stands for. This can be a shortened version of your mission statement, or a variation on your philanthropy cause. Use your main message in all your public relations repeatedly and consistently. 

• Prepare your publicity package. Have your “pitch,” high quality photos, videos and special event information ready to go. Don’t wait for a last minute scramble, or you risk having holes in your PR package. Present all of your publicity in a professional manner and meet publicity deadlines. Follow the who, what, when, where, why & how checklist for publicity.  

• Know what’s newsworthy. At the beginning of the year, map out a publicity schedule that corresponds with your chapter’s activities. The annual fundraiser, sisterhood/alumni events and sisters volunteering with needy children are all things that should be promoted. These newsworthy activities provide an excellent opportunity for getting your sorority into the public eye. Actions + words = good PR.

• Don’t spam. Don’t overdo the public relations with too many emails, texts, or posts. You will wear out your audience if you shout about your sorority too often! Once a week updates on a social media site is plenty. Save the big promos for your annual special event, super fundraiser, or the groundbreaking of your new chapter house. 

• Give and take. Be a “giver” when it comes to greek life publicity. Always help out other chapters with their own PR. Share greek event announcements on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Hopefully they will do the same for you. If you are an active part of your greek community, you increase the likelihood of support from other chapters. Reach beyond the greeks and share social media posts from campus groups and community websites too. Be generous when it comes to promoting a positive greek image.  

“Who you know” is a vital part of sorority public relations. All of your contacts and relationships should be carefully and politely maintained.

• Customize your message. Take the time to tailor your message to your different audiences. Words and photos aren't always one size fits all. The way you reach PNMs is different than the way you reach your local partner philanthropy. Tweak your message for ultimate success. Write and post images for each audience.

• Timing is everything. Don’t publish details of your sorority event during a semester break, during finals, or during homecoming week. Your message will get lost, ignored, or drowned out by bigger happenings on campus. Be mindful of what else is going on around you. Time your publicity for maximum effect. Also, allow lead time when readers need to take action on things like buying tickets, or signing up to volunteer. 

• Develop connections. Your best resource for making important connections is your local alumnae sisters and advisors. Politely take advantage of the relationships your older sisters have with businesses, media, charities and financial resources. These valuable connections can help you with all of your fundraising, publicity, access to media, financial support, etc… “Who you know” is a vital part of sorority public relations. All of your contacts and relationships should be carefully and politely maintained.

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