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Top 10 Ways To Be An Amazing Little

Top 10 Ways To Be An Amazing Little

It takes two to have a close big/little relationship. Be a terrific little sister and you will go a long way towards having a happy partnership!

•Top Little Sister Tips•

1.  Have patience. Your big may be new to this whole big/little thing too, so don’t expect the moon and stars the first week after reveal! Bigs are only human. They are leaders, active students, sorority members, upperclassmen and all the rest. Keep your “relationship timeline” in check and pace yourself. You have years to connect.

2.  Manage your expectations. Not every big is a super crafter, baker, seamstress, event planner and professional writer. She may not be wealthy or have tons of extra time. Make the best of what you have, and develop a strong relationship based on true sisterhood ~ not what your big can buy or make for you.

Your relationship is a two way street. Simple thoughtfulness goes both ways.

3. Be a giver, not just a taker. As a spoiled little, it’s tempting to just sit back and let the goodies roll in. Don’t succumb to this temptation! Ask your big if she wants to borrow something, if you see she has a need. For example, offer your cocktail dress for a date function, if your big is unable to buy a new one. Surprise her with a friendly text, or bring her a fresh donut. Your relationship is a two way street. Simple thoughtfulness goes both ways. 

4. Don’t over do it. Sisterhood is not a completion. Don’t try to out-gift your big, or shower her with so many goodies that she is pressured to keep up. It’s not about who can spend the most. No one should be keeping score. Instead, be the little who brings an extra water bottle or candy bar to the next event to share with her big. That’s all you have to do to be considered a kind and generous sister. 

5.  Wave, smile and say hi. The smallest gestures can make a world of difference. Be the little who is always bright, happy and attentive. This will help nurture your big/little relationship and endear you to the entire chapter. Don’t passively wait to be acknowledged, or feel snubbed if a sister doesn’t say hi to you on the way to class. Take the initiative to be extra friendly to your big and all your new sisters.

6.  Tell your big what others think of her. Make sure it’s totally positive and accurate. Kind words can really make her day and help reinforce your friendship. If you share the wonderful opinions others have of your big sister, you will boost her self-esteem and empower her to be a better person. Who doesn’t like to hear nice things about themselves?

7.  Always say please and thank you. Your mother taught you this for a reason. You will be getting gifts and other niceties as a little. Make sure you always say thank you, write thank you notes and show your appreciation of the big/little love sent your way. Do not take your big for granted. Being classy and gracious is never old fashioned. 

 8.  Be a good listener. Sometimes your big may need a shoulder to cry on, or a friend to confide in. She can’t always be the leader in the relationship. When needed, you can take the lead, give advice, or just listen while she vents. Be sensitive, supportive and always respectful. And of course, keep her confidences no matter what.

Being classy and gracious is never old fashioned.

9.  Remember your position. When you are a new member, and a new little, don’t let it go to your head. Remember there are girls with many years in the chapter and much more experience than you. There is seniority in a sorority, so always remember your place. Show loyalty and respect to your big.

10.  If things change, go with the flow. If your big takes another little or two, or leaves the chapter, or anything else that really rocks your world ~ adapt! Don’t complain and whine, just deal with it, and move on. Always find the positive side of each situation. This may be an opportunity for your to make new friends and grow as a person.

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