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Top 25 Ways to Show Your Sorority Spirit

Top 25 Ways to Show Your Sorority Spirit

Being the best that you can be is the most meaningful way to live your sorority creed 24/7. And inexpensive too. Better than any gift, better than any award, better than all the tee shirts, paddles and crafts... is how you treat your sisters day in and day out. How you ACT around other students, and how you handle yourself in the greek community, represents your sisterhood as a whole. Put your chapter love on display as often as possible!

🎀 Simple Things You Can Do to Increase Your Sorority Spirit 🎀

• Let your sisters know how much you appreciate them. 

• A deed done for another sister is pure “kindness” only when you don’t expect something in return.

• Do little things like hold doors, let another sister go first, or save a seat for your big/little. Small kindnesses show your inner character.

• Accept your sisters for who they are and who they strive to be. 

Let a sister know she made you smile today.

• Spend time with a sister when she needs you. And really listen - instead of lecturing.

• Give your sisters freedom and space when they need it.

• Tell the truth. 

• Tell your sisters why they make a difference in your life, that no one else could possibly make. share why their particular brand of “special” makes the world a better place for you.

Help your sisters help themselves and encourage them to be more independent.

Hello, World!

• Believe in your sisters. give them hope and encourage them to reach their dreams.

• Give away happy smiles. They're free. 

• The kindest thing you can do for your sorority is to take good care of your own mind, body and soul. 

• Spend time listening with the intent of growing wiser. Slow down, listen and learn. 

Take a moment to send a special sister, alum, or advisor a note thanking her for being a role model.

• Practice the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you! 

• Be there when a sister falls and don’t say, “I told you so." 

• Give your sisters, roommates and friends the space to be themselves without constant criticism. 

• Be a shoulder to cry on.

• Thank your sisters for being there for you.  

Listen to your sister without always trying to “fix” her.

• Treat each sister with respect for her unique individuality. 

• Offer encouragement after a sister’s failure. 

• Pay attention to your sisters, they just want to be heard and acknowledged. 

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