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Top 10 Do's & Don'ts For Making Your Big/Little Family Feel Special

Top 10 Do's & Don'ts For Making Your Big/Little Family Feel Special

Maybe you have more than one little, or you're blessed with an extra large family line. How do you make each sister feel unique, keep rivalries to a minimum and live happily ever after? Try these sorority sugar Do's & Don'ts for family harmony.

๐ŸŽ€ Family Do's & Don'ts ๐ŸŽ€  

โ€ข DO personalize each gift to the individual. Use names, monograms, favorite colors and patterns. DONโ€™T buy in bulk and give each sister the same exact generic sorority stuff. That will not make them feel special at all.

โ€ข DO keep things equal. Show your generosity in equal amounts. DONโ€™T shower your favorite sister with extra goodies, time and attention. You have a large family and you should act accordingly.

DO spend time alone with each sister individually.

โ€ข DO spend time alone with each sister individually. One-on-one time is vital. DONโ€™T make every event a group activity. Multiple sisters together always changes the dynamic. Sometimes it's okay, but not every time.

โ€ข DO get to know the personal likes, dislikes, hobbies, habits, quirks of each sister. This makes gift giving more personal and builds stronger sisterhood bonds. DONโ€™T gloss over the individual traits of each sister and resort to only superficial interaction. Take the time to really get to know each girl. This also makes gifting and crafting much easier.

DONโ€™T mix up the details of your sisterโ€™s lives.

โ€ข DO remember the details of what's happening in each sister's world.  Keep track of boyfriends, family issues, academic achievements and any personal problems. DONโ€™T mix up the details of your sister's lives. There's nothing worse than asking a sister about something that didn't happen to her, or forgetting a milestone in your sister's personal life like her birthday or graduation.

โ€ข DO  keep confidences. DONโ€™T blab the personal business of one sister to another. Don't spread gossip within your family. And don't gossip about your family to the chapter either.

โ€ข DO set a good example. You should be a role model for your family, not a "problem." DONโ€™T break all the rules, bad mouth the executive board, slack off studying, or make a spectacle of yourself at frat parties. Be a model of what it means to be a proud sister of your sorority.

DO give love and praise equally.

โ€ข DO be on time with gifts, events and socializing. DONโ€™T be that sister who always gives a "belated" gift, misses the sisterhood social and is chronically late to everything. It's passive aggressive, shows a lack of respect and makes your family members feel unimportant.

โ€ข DO give love and praise equally.  DONโ€™T play one sister off another, don't encourage family competition and don't showcase one sister at the expense of another. Just say no to sibling rivalry!

DONโ€™T be that sister who always gives a โ€œbelatedโ€ gift, misses the sisterhood socials and is chronically late to everything.

โ€ข DO unite your big/little family in every way. Put the extra effort into ordering matching costumes for reveal, have a family portrait made, wear custom tee shirts to the football game, etc... Go above and beyond for your family tree. DONโ€™T slack off, throw things together at the last minute, forget those extra touches that make a sorority family proud and strong. What you put into your sisterhood is what you will get out of it.

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