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Top 30 Ways to Show Your Sorority Sister Love

Top 30 Ways to Show Your Sorority Sister Love

    Show Some Sorority Sister Lovin'  

It’s the little things that let your sisters know you care. Whether you're a new member, or a long time sister, doing and saying thoughtful things brightens every day. Share some sweetness with your sisterhood and they will love you for it!

• Give random hugs!

• Leave an affirmation note on your roommate’s pillow.

• Tell a sister she’s beautiful ~ and mean it.

• Turn a regular day into an All-About-Big, Little, or Chapter President day.

Serve breakfast in bed to a sister going through a hard time.

• Go for an impromptu frozen yogurt/donut/burger run and surprise your sisters with a treat. 

• Pamper another sister with a manicure or a make-up application. Be sure to include a hand or neck massage. 

• Verbalize what your chapter means to you ~ don’t be afraid to share!

• Surprise your big, little, or roommate with her favorite cookies or candy. No reason needed.

Help a sister with her homework without being asked.

• Be the first to say you’re sorry after an argument with another sister.

• Personalize all your gifts!

• Support your sister’s dreams, even if they seem unreachable.

• Do all your mandatory sorority tasks without complaining.

Give your sisters space when they need it.

• Volunteer to do some house chores for another sister.

• Look your sisters in the eye when you talk and really listen to what they say.

• Boast and brag about your chapter to whoever will listen.

• Remember to say thank you often.

Excuse your sister’s mistakes - there’s no time for grudges in a sorority.

• Reassure new members, reach out and mentor them without being nagged into it. 

• Say how much you love your sorority, even if you think everyone already knows.

• Take lots of photos and share them with the chapter.

• Respect your sister’s boyfriends and act like a lady.

Get up early to help a sister with a special project.

• Sing your sorority songs loud and proud.

• Watch a movie, go to a show, or attend an event that you have no interest in - but it makes your sister happy.

• Take good care of yourself. Eat right, exercise and don't drink too much. Your health is a blessing to your sisterhood. 

• Start a new hobby or workout routine with another sister. Stick to it.

Laugh loud, laugh long and laugh often!

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