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10 Things To Do If Your New Sorority Wasn't Your First Choice

10 Things To Do If Your New Sorority Wasn't Your First Choice

Recruitment can bring happiness and sometimes unexpected results! But what if you didn’t get a bid from your #1 choice? Can you still find joy at sorority #2 or #3? sorority sugar says YES!!

Make the Most of Your New Sorority, Even if it Wasn't Your First Choice

❥ Remember these sisters wanted you! Even if they didn’t “wow” you during rush week, the girls in your new chapter saw something very special in your personality. They chose you above many others. Being wanted is the #1 prerequisite for membership success.

❥ Don’t make any rash decisions. Cool down and give yourself some time to think logically. Sorority membership isn’t all about dramatic emotions. Think seriously about all you will gain by staying in your new chapter. And consider everything you will loose by either quitting or having a bad attitude.

You may have been striving for “who you want to be,” rather than “who you are.”

❥ Let it go. Accept that the other chapter was just NOT for you. There was something about your favorite sorority that wasn’t a good match. You will come to see it as time goes by and realize that you would not have been happy in that chapter after all.

❥ Time for a personality check. You may have been striving for “who you want to be,” rather than “who you are.” Just like the sorting hat, recruitment has a way of placing every girl in the chapter where she can be her true self. Now relax and let your hair down.

❥ Look beyond the flash. Rush disappointments usually come from being mesmerized by the razzle-dazzle of certain sororities who are excellent recruiters. But real sisterhood is revealed after the excitement of bid day has faded away. Give your quieter sorority a chance to shine and you will be rewarded.

❥ Friends are there if you look. You may think you don’t click with the girls in your new sorority, but there is no way that you can’t find several special sisters from the hundreds in your new chapter. Have an open heart and reach out to them. Girlfriends are there waiting for you. 

❥ Jump into leadership when you can. As a new greek girl, you have a once in a lifetime chance to throw yourself into sorority life and experience everything to the fullest. You will bond more quickly with your new sisters if you participate 100% in the sorority experience. Take pride in your sisterhood. If the chapter needs fixing in some areas ~ then you be the one to fix it. Be part of the solution. Make it become your dream chapter.

If the chapter needs fixing in some areas - then YOU be the one to fix it.

❥ Find your special niche. Ok, so you don’t immediately love everything about your sorority, but search for one thing that really speaks to you. Maybe the chapter philanthropy is personally meaningful to your family, so focus on that. Create a specialty for yourself ~ like painting all the chapter banners, starting a new fundraiser, being the queen of party planning. Create your own unique niche. Do something you personally love and the friendships will follow.

❥ Keep your goals in mind. You joined greek life for a reason. You can still accomplish your goals for companionship, academic achievement, philanthropy, social good times, leadership, connections, internships, fundraising, event planning – you name it – it can be done in any collegiate sorority.

❥ Take the long view. Don’t forget to look beyond the dramas of today. The benefits of sorority life extend well beyond college. Think about the lifetime of networking, friendship building and sisterhood you will experience, all thanks to your wonderful organization. It’s worth making it work.

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