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6 "Types" of Sorority Alumnae Events

6 "Types" of Sorority Alumnae Events

Chapters often need some new ideas for interacting with alumnae. I have created a list of alum events by “type.” These activities are meant to be attended by the active chapter and the alumni together. 

Alumnae Stages...

When planning activities, remember that sorority alums come in various stages of life. Each group has different needs and different limitations. Take these "life phases” into account when matching your alumni with a certain event. By doing this, you will increase your participation.

1. Young Alums are usually busy professional women, with no kids or young children.

2. Mid-Alums have daughters who are now rushing sororities and they have rekindled their interest in greek life.

3. Mature Alums are nostalgic about their collegiate days, sentimental about the chapter and want to see their legacy continued. 

• Alumnae Involvement Ideas •


  • Lecture or seminar with a university faculty speaker.
  • Luncheon/dinner with a successful alumni speaker.
  • Luncheon/dinner with a national sorority leader.
  • Behind-the-scenes tour of the newest campus buildings or projects.


  • Art museum special exhibit and a fancy picnic.
  • Symphony, ballet, or musical performance. For example - an annual trip to the Nutcracker.
  • Theater performances - on or off campus.
  • Guided walking tours - get to know your own college town, nearby city, or historical sites.
  • Book signing - organize a book party around the latest hot author/best seller, popular cookbook publication, home decorating book, “How To” book, etc.


  • Bi-monthly alumni lunches - make each one festive and fun with a different theme each month. For example - holiday hats, dress only in the sorority colors, dress by decades, etc.
  • Food party - oyster roast, crab feast, clam bake, chili fest, etc.
  • Gourmet restaurant tour, chef demonstration and chapter dinner
  • Food truck lunch.
  • All sorority beach day.
  • Movie night and sorority slumber party.
  • Hayride and pumpkin or apple picking.
  • Easter egg hunt for alumni children and brunch. 
  • Alum and chapter Christmas cookie exchange. 


  • Attend a local sporting event together.
  • Pre-game/post-game tailgate parties.
  • Host a ladies tournament in golf, tennis, bowling, biking, etc. 

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: (encourage mature alums to help young alums & collegiate sisters with career advancement)

  • Financial seminar especially spotlighting woman and money management. 
  • Career or networking seminar.
  • Speed networking mixer between actives and alums. 
  • Career fair.


  • Adopt-a-highway
  • Book drive - collect donations and donate them to a senior center or community center.
  • Food bank  - collect donations and restock a food pantry.
  • Local soup kitchen - collect donations and/or serve food.
  • Thrift shop clothing drive - theme your collection to holiday clothing, winter coats, prom dresses, baby clothes, etc.
  • Christmas gift giving - partner with a local hospital or service group for collection and distribution of toys.
  • Host a “hearts & hands” party and make no-sew quilts, pet beds, pet toys, puzzles, greeting cards, senior gift bags, or kid’s shelter bags for the charity of choice.
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