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Winter Informal Recruitment Rushwear Style Tips

Winter Informal Recruitment Rushwear Style Tips

 Chilly Weather Fashion Basics ⛄ 

Informal Recruitment in the "spring" (held during the winter months) requires a different type of rushwear. Gone are the shorts and sundresses of formal recruitment in August. Here are some tips for what to wear when rushing in colder weather in a more informal way......

  • Adjust to the season. Informal spring/winter recruitment is more relaxed in dress code than formal recruitment. Also, it's usually cold outside, so pants are more practical than sundresses. Think about wearing nice jeans, leather boots, dresses with a smart blazer style jacket, sweaters, cardigans, sweater dresses, tights and ballet flats, wool skirts, etc.
  • The fashion progression is the same. During formal or informal recruitment, the outfits progress from the most casual to the most dressy. No matter what the season is, or the formality level, you wear a more casual outfit in the beginning, and work your way up to a dressy dress to the last informal party.
  • Follow the campus style. Every panhellenic has different traditions. Please check with your council to see if they offer a fashion guide for informal or spring rush week. They may provide photos of daily acceptable outfits. If not, wear fashions that match the style preferred by the students on your campus. Every college has a "fave" brand of winter jacket like Patagonia, or boots like Hunters. It's ok to fit in when it comes to your rushwear selections. 
  • Styles for early events. A nice long sleeve shirt or sweater, jeans or pants and boots or ballet flats would look great for some initial casual parties. Layer your outfit with a puffy vest and/or pretty scarf for a pulled together style. Layering is a good idea for winter rushing where you will be going from cold to warm repeatedly. You are aiming for casual chic, not Saturday morning just rolled out of bed.
  • Little fancier events. You can step it up to a daytime dress with boots, flats or low heels, and layer a cardigan or blazer/jacket for warmth and style. Separates are also great. A sharp shirt and a cute wool skirt would be perfect. This look is what you would wear to a job interview, Sunday brunch, or dinner at a nice restaurant. 
  • Invitation only round of informal rush. If a dressier look is called for, you would wear a 'nicer' dress with pumps or dressy boots. An outfit you would wear to a winter wedding, fancy party, or upscale dinner is appropriate. Forgo the rhinestones, plunging neckline, or backless nightclub look. A classy dress with a nice winter overcoat what a PNM should go for. 

    Informal rush may be so casual at your college, that you never need to wear dresses at all. But in general, this is a good guide to follow. No matter what the style of recruitment, keep these additional "PNM Quick Tips" in mind as well......... 

    • Don't wear shoes that hurt. If you’re walking on nails it shows.

    • All clothes must be clean and "look new." No holes. 

    Confidence is your best fashion accessory!

    • Better to look a bit dressier than other PNMs than way too sloppy.

    • Don't overwhelm with gaudy jewelry, crazy fingernails or huge hair accessories. One signature piece is fine, but keep it toned-down. YOU should shine, not your over accessorizing.  

    Fashion reflects who you are. If you take pride in your appearance, dress to flatter your figure and feel good about yourself from head to toe - you will be a more attractive PNM.

    • Think CLASSY when getting dressed. That includes something as simple as a 'neat' pair of jeans and a striped knit top.

    • Informal rush never means sweatpants, sweatshirts, yoga pants, pj bottoms, slippers as shoes, wearing your boyfriend's oversized shirt, or frayed, torn jeans. Even if you're invited to a slumber party - or camping trip - you should still look your snappy casual best.

    For more of rushwear inspiration and tips please visit the sorority sugar HQ RUSHWEAR STYLE GUIDE!!

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