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Setting Up a Chapter Points System

Setting Up a Chapter Points System

• Points System From A to Z •

If your sorority is having problems with attendance, consider establishing a points program to increase accountability. POINTS SYSTEMS are one way that chapters can boost participation and increase involvement. Some consider it motivational, others think of it as punishment. But an organized method of motivation works for most chapters.

There are 2 basic ways to set up a “Negative Consequences” points system, where you add points or subtract points for doing the wrong things. And 2 basic ways to set up a “Positive Consequences” points system, where points are awarded for doing the right things and attending chapter events. One version is for non-mandatory programs only and the other includes all chapter activities including mandatory functions.

• 2 “Negative Consequences” Approaches • 


  • Members start with 0 points.
  • Points range from 5 to 25 depending on the infraction.
  • Miss a chapter meeting +5 points, miss a work session +5 points, don’t clean the dishes +5 points.
  • Miss big events = more points added. not attending rush +25 points, missing initiation +25 points. 
  • If a member goes over 30 she is put on social probation.
  • Points can be worked off to reach under 30 again.  


  • Members start with 100 points.
  • Loose -5 points if dues aren’t paid on time, miss a mandatory event, skip study hours, etc. More points off for missing big events like rush or initiation.
  • There is a minimum threshold established, such as 90 points, and if a member goes below it they are put on social probation.
  • There is also a $ fine system, where at the end of the semester, members must pay a $5 fine for each “missing” point below the 100. The money is donated to the chapter philanthropy. 
  • Seniors may be exempt the semester before graduation.
  • Offer incentives by awarding prizes to the sisters with the fewest points off at the end of the semester. Give gift certificates or greek goodies.

• 2 “Positive Consequences” Approaches •

A points system can also be based on “positive consequences,” with members earning points for good behavior and extra attendance. Mandatory meetings and events usually don’t offer points, since everyone must attend those things anyway. A positive points system is typically added onto the roster of required events. But it can also be used to cover all chapter activities if the sorority wants mandatory requirements to have points attached as well.

ADDING+ POSITIVE POINTS SYSTEM: (for non-mandatory events only)

  • Members start with 0 points.
  • Points range from 5 to 15 depending on the importance and/or desirability of the activity. For example, attending a social is 5 points, but doing trash clean up after the annual 5k is worth 15 points. 
  • Chart all of the non-mandatory activites and assign a point value to each one. Values can be 5,10 and 15 points.
  • Each sister is encouraged to earn 25 points per semester. This means attending an average of 3 additional events to meet the goal. 
  • At the end of the semester, gift cards or greek prizes are given to the highest point gatherers.  

ADDING+ POSITIVE POINTS SYSTEM: (including mandatory events)

  • Members start with 0 points.
  • Review the chapter’s master list of meetings and events for the semester to establish a reasonable a total points goal. Assign points of 5, 10, 15 and 20 to each event. 
  • Set a minimum accumulated point amount for each sister to achieve. That number might be 100 or 200, depending on how many chapter meetings and other mandatory events a sorority has. Total points should include required events and elective activities.  
  • Meetings and other basics can have a 5 point value, with formal recruitment and the annual fundraiser set at a higher 20 point value. 
  • In establishing this plan, do several “test runs” on paper to see if the total points are achievable by the average sister. 
  • Earning points for mandatory events must be tied to Standards, with consequences if the minimum for the semester is not met. 
  • Award prizes to sisters who go over the minimum amount for the semester. 

• Point System Do's & Don'ts •


  • Have one e-board member specifically in charge of tracking points and attendance. A points system requires meticulous bookkeeping. 
  • Be flexible (within reason). If a sister explains in advance that she must miss a meeting due to her musical performance, that’s different than the sister missing a meeting so she can watch Netflix in her room. 
  • Have a thick skin. There will be some bumps in the road if you establish a points system, so lots of communication, explanation and support is needed. Someone must take the heat until the chapter gets used to it.
  • Provide lots of options for sisters to achieve points if you’re doing the add+ points system. Make it easy to succeed. 


  • Don’t play favorites. The sister running the points system must be impartial and fair to everyone. An exception to the requirements might be a star athlete in your sorority, (who misses many events), but everyone else should be equal. 
  • Don’t promote this as punishment. Sell it as positive encouragement! Many chapters use some form of points, so you’re in the norm.

Adjust the point values and point totals to fit your specific sorority. I also suggest you talk to another chapter in your organization that has a points program set up and get some feedback. Someone on your campus panhellenic council might also be able to give additional tips. Be willing to make slight changes as you learn what works and doesn't work with your sisterhood.

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