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Top 10 Indoor Sober Social Ideas

Top 10 Indoor Sober Social Ideas

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Dear sorority sugar, I need help figuring out what to do for a sober social with a fraternity. Our campus is located in a city, so our only real options for a sober social is to rent a room in the student center… And that’s where I’m stuck. What can you possibly do in an empty room?! I was thinking like a potluck, but I have no idea about the entertainment.. Any suggestions that both guys and girls would enjoy? I want attendance from both groups to be high. 

sorority sugar: Sober socials can be fun too! First, let’s start with the... 

5 ‘must haves’ of any social/mixer:

  1. Theme
  2. Activity
  3. Entertainment
  4. Food
  5. Drink

With an empty room, plan on bringing in some necessities for the social. Also, because of your space restrictions, you should start by brainstorming your activity or entertainment. Keep in mind guys like to be active, and they love a little competition. If they’re not drinking, you don’t want this social to be a tea party. Here are some activity based ideas….

🎈10 Exciting Indoor Sober Socials🎈

  • Ping Pong Tournament: Bring in several tables & paddles and have a ‘pro’ ping pong player teach the group some tips as your entertainment. Then host a round robin tournament with mixed sorority/fraternity teams. Serve burgers and play your favorite music.
  • Board Game Tournament: Offer a variety of games or choose one favorite like Clue. A Clue or Monopoly tourney would be perfect for a theme night with costumes. Another idea is playing board games from TV shows or movies (also with costumes). For example, choose the board game from The Walking Dead, Harry Potter, Survivor, Hollywood Game Night, Family Feud, CSI, Friends, Avatar, etc...
  • Twister Tournament. Multiple twister sheets, funny rules, loud music = fun sober time! 
  • Murder Mystery Dinner: You can purchase kits online that allow you to host your own murder mystery party. These parties are pre-themed too. Or you can contract with a local company to help you stage the evening.
  • Talent Show: Ask all the guests to bring a talent and host a casual America’s Got Talent Show style party. Award small prizes in a variety of categories. 
  • Happy Feet: Arrange for dance lessons that the guys and girls will enjoy. If you think your group will go for it, host a ballroom dancing party like Dancing with the Stars. Invite a guest instructor to teach everyone the fox trot or the tango! Provide accessories like feather boas and top hats. Also consider bollywood dancing (India theme), line dancing (country theme), or hip hop (urban theme). 
  • Indoor Badminton: Set up an indoor badminton net and host a Gatsby style all-white clothing party. Badminton is pretty easy for most people to play, so everyone can get involved. A 20’s theme would fit perfectly. 
  • Trivia Night: Pretend you are at the local pub and host a trivia evening. If your group likes a certain subject, then theme the party around that specific trivia. For example, movie trivia, Disney trivia, 80s trivia, StarWars, etc... Serve pub food and no-alcohol drinks. 
  • Greek Bingo: Play a custom greek bingo created just for the two chapters at the party. Theme this social as Florida retiree, or tacky tourist! 
  • Crazy Carnival: Rent some fun midway games and host a carnival theme party. Choose games that will fit in your space. Serve hot dogs, popcorn and cotton candy. 
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