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Top 10 Ways to Avoid Sorority Sister Drama

Top 10 Ways to Avoid Sorority Sister Drama

Whether you’re a new member, or a long time sister, dealing with your sorority sisters is one of the biggest challenges of being a greek woman. So many problems can be avoided if you will practice a few of these sorority sister “anti-drama” tips. Just say no to in-house troubles!

1. Choose your friends wisely.

Even though you will get to know and love all the sisters in your chapter, you will naturally be closer to some more than others. Pick your big, little, roommate and pledge class friends with care. It becomes clear very quickly which girls thrive on stressful conflict and which sisters have level heads. Stick with the cool and calm crowd.

2. Cut back on the booze.

Probably 90% of emotional outbursts, tears, name-calling and ruination of relationships is fueled by overindulging in alcohol. Inhibitions are lowered and drinking causes sisters to do and say things they would never do sober. Less drinking = less drama!

3. Hands off the boyfriends.

Keep clear of your sister’s current boyfriend, ex boyfriend, guy she’s interested in, or guy she’s even looked at. Don’t flirt with the wrong guys at mixers and don’t hook up with any male persons who are attached to your sorority sisters. Period. Find your own fraternity crushes.  

Don’t be the one to find fault with absolutely every sister.

4. Keep busy, busy, busy.

Drama often comes from having too much time on your hands. An idle mind can blow things out of proportion and make a minor situation seem like the end of the world. Stay busy with activities, academics, philanthropy, leadership and healthy relationships. You won’t have time to get involved in overemotional scenes. 

5. Get a thicker skin.

Whether you are the diva, or the one on the receiving end of a sister’s outburst, you need to chill out and toughen up! Not everything is a criticism, a knife to the heart, or the ruination of a relationship. Let things roll off your back. Don’t be the one to find fault with absolutely every sister. Or the one who has crushed feelings over every little thing. Let go of grudges quickly. Consider sorority life as a training camp for the real world.

6. Be known as the calm one.

If you establish a reputation of being a clear thinking, loyal, steady sister who does not stoop to petty theatrics, then those who do will not engage you. It’s no fun to involve a sister who calmly refuses to get all excited over the latest personal problem. The drama queens will move on to other sisters who play their game.

7. Just say no to gossip.

Gossip is the #1 killer in a sorority. Don’t do it, don’t listen to it and don’t believe it. Re-read your sorority creed and remind yourself why you joined greek life in the first place. Without being the sorority “nag” try to promote an anti-gossiping policy within your chapter. Or, at the vey least, politely walk away if a juicy gossip session is happening near you.

8. Spread the love.

Replace the drama in your chapter with more positive experiences. If there was more love, respect, appreciation, kindness, and tolerance ~ the damaging drama would immediately plummet! Recommend that your chapter increase the frequency of ceremonies, traditions and bonding activities. Sisters who feel the warmth of friendship are less likely to stab each other in the back. 

Re-read your sorority creed and remind yourself why you joined greek life in the first place.

9. Don’t worry ~ be happy.

Happy sisters are contented sisters. Is your chapter doing enough to just be happy? Sometimes sororities get so bogged down with meetings, requirements, fundraising, deadlines and recruitment pressures that they forget to just relax and have fun. Increase the fun-factor in your house!

10. Deal with the drama.

This is especially true for officers on the executive board who experience more sisterhood conflicts than most. As a chapter leader, you may need to listen to member’s complaints and problems, but you don’t need to be eaten alive by them. Remain centered at all times. Don’t become emotionally invested in everyone’s issues. Recommend positive solutions with the aid of your advisors and fellow board members. Don’t shoulder the emotional burdens of the entire chapter alone! Seek help, deflect the drama and thoughtfully solve problems. Deal with problems promptly, before they grow out of control and do more damage.

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