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Top 11 Ways to Increase Academic Motivation

Top 11 Ways to Increase Academic Motivation

📗 Increase Academic Enthusiasm 📗

Scholarship motivation is always a challenge. There are many temptations in college that can distract a sister from studying. Here are some tips and ideas for Scholarship VPs trying to help their chapter excel academically.

1. Make sisters feel they are doing something meaningful: Establishing your chapter’s academic vision and goals will motivate members to achieve the highest grades. Explain to everyone why the scholarship standards are so important to the sorority and for the member’s futures as well.

2. Communicate and share information: Make your chapter's academic requirements crystal clear and easy to understand. Confusion can lead to inactivity. Make sure your policies and programs are super convenient and repeatedly promoted. Your GPA expectations should also be communicated during recruitment too, so new members know what’s expected after they join.  

3. Make members accountable: You must specify the expected results and keep your standards high. Many chapters have a Points System for accountability. Whether you add points, or subtract points, the goal is to track attendance at mandatory study hour sessions. It’s not always fun to enforce the rules, but it’s a must if you want to keep your chapter’s grades on top. 

Make study time less of a punishment and more of a “smart” social time.

4. Make it fun: Put extra effort into your study sessions to attract more participation. Offer a door prize, play a fun ice-breaker, take a dance/music break every ½ hour, serve your favorite ice cream, etc. Whatever your chapter likes, make study time less of a punishment, and more of a “smart” social time. 

5. Give ongoing positive feedback: Don’t let an entire semester go by before you report on your chapter's accomplishments. Give weekly updates on even the smallest achievements ~ spotlight a sister who studied the longest, aced a big exam, tutored another sister, joined an honor society and more. Scholastic publicity should be just as important as party and philanthropy announcements. 

6. Have faith in your sorority: Many girls have a fragile self-esteem when it comes to academic achievement. A director of scholarship you must have faith that your sisters can raise their GPA! If you don’t believe your sisters can excel, they won’t believe it either. Be part cheerleader and part academic coach for your chapter. 

7. Ask for input: Don’t be a scholarship dictator! Be open to feedback and encourage your sisters to share their ideas on ways to make your programs better. Listen and respect your sister’s needs. Do they want to study on a different day? Make the change. Getting their input is another way to get more sisters invested in academic achievement.  

Recognition is an amazing motivator.

8. Recognition and rewards: Recognition is an amazing motivator. In addition to the weekly scholarship reports, include several larger awards in your chapter's calendar. Many sororities hold an awards ceremony during their annual formal. Recognize your highest GPA sisters, most improved, highest class GPA, highest achieving big/little pair, etc. Photos, trophies, gift certificates and other treats should be generously given out as motivation. 

9. Encourage teamwork: Ask your sisters to work as a team rather than a collection of individuals. Let them pick study-buddies. Have sisters with special knowledge tutor others who need help. Arrange study “teams” with cute names and mascots, then hold friendly competitions between teams. 

Small encouragements do great things.

10. Do the small stuff: Little gestures go a long way to keeping sisters encouraged. Attach motivational notes to dorm doors, leave a candy bar & note on a sister’s desk, give mini mystery gifts, tweet motivational quotes, hand out small favors at chapter meetings, post an A+ sister of the month photo in the chapter room. Small encouragements do great things. 

11. Invite guest motivators: Arrange for interesting speakers to address your chapter and share their experiences. Career women, alums, professors, motivational speakers and other experts are potential guests who can fire up your chapter. Offer the chapter some role models for achievement ~ it will help motivate them to greatness! 

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