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PNM Questions to ASK Sorority Sisters by Category

PNM Questions to ASK Sorority Sisters by Category

• PNM Questions to ASK Sorority Sisters by Category•

As a potential new member (PNM) participating in sorority recruitment, you will be expected to ASK questions of the sisters you meet. You should be inquisitive and excited about learning more. Have several creative questions ready when you enter into rush week. A few thoughtful inquires will help your sorority conversations come alive and the sisters will love you for putting in the extra effort! 

PNM questions fall into 5 basic categories:






Ask SISTERHOOD questions to learn more about the personality and closeness of the sorority sisters:

• What do the girls in your chapter like to do for fun?

• What are some of the things you do together as a chapter?

• I’ve heard about bigs and littles, how do they work in your chapter?

• What is your favorite thing about your sisters?

What do you like to do when you’re just hanging out together?

Ask SOCIAL questions to determine the type and level of social activity in the chapter: 

• What was your favorite sisterhood social?

• How often do you socialize with other sororities?

• Do you ever socialize with your alums?

• What was your favorite social event theme?

• What are your sorority formals and semi-formals like?

(Note: Most recruitments have strict rules against talking about fraternity parties. So avoid questions about dating, frat guys, drinking or any socials outside of sorority hosted events.)

Ask PHILANTHROPY questions to learn more about the time commitment and type of charity work: 

• What do you like most about your philanthropy?

• How much time does the chapter spend on philanthropy activities?

• Do you do a lot of hands-on volunteering? Or is it more about fundraising?

• Do you have any new philanthropy events planned?

• What is your favorite philanthropy event?

Ask ACADEMIC questions to find out if the chapter is intense or laid back about course work:

• Do the members of this chapter study a lot?

• Does your sorority have programs that help with studying?

• What are the some of the sister's majors in this chapter?

• Are the members supportive if I need to study for a test, instead of going out?

How important are grades to the sorority?

Ask NUTS & BOLTS questions to get "inside" information on the basics of sorority life:

• What are the opportunities for chapter leadership?

• What is the panhellenic council like?

• What are some of the other activities on campus that your members participate in? 

• I love all the tee shirts and sorority stuff ~ are you required to buy them all?

How do you balance your time between classes and sorority?

• Can you tell me about the greek intramural sports program?

• What was your biggest challenge when you first joined the chapter?

• What’s your favorite thing about your national organization?

• How long has this chapter been on campus?

❥  FINAL TIPS for asking PNM questions:

  • Avoid questions with "yes/no” answers. You want to encourage the sorority sisters to talk about their fun retreat, record breaking fundraiser or big/little week.
  • The answers to your questions will give you INSIGHTS into the chapter’s priorities. There are no right or wrong answers. It’s all about matchmaking. No matter what type of sorority you prefer, listen to what the members say about themselves, and you will learn a lot.
  • What the chapter puts forward during recruitment is what they value most. That could be social time, study time or philanthropy time. 
  • Avoid panicked money questions and stressing about dues. Most Panhellenics and individual chapters present financial information to PNMs in the Recruitment Handbook and/or during Orientation. It's better to get the facts and figures that way, than to pepper an individual sister with your money concerns. If a sister thinks you can't afford Greek life, it could hurt your chances of getting a bid. Come to terms with your budget worries before you speak with sisters during rounds. 
  • Every day of recruitment, focus on the personality of the chapter and how well it matches yours. 
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