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47 Sorority Promotional Product Ideas... Beyond Pens

47 Sorority Promotional Product Ideas... Beyond Pens

Dear sorority sugar, I am in Delta Phi Epsilon and we are having club fair in the fall. Club fair is when we give away little gifts and tell everyone when our meet and greets are. In the past we have done pens, nail polish, etc. Do you have any other ideas of what I can give as a give away? Thanks so much!

sorority sugar: Creating customized promotional “goodies” is a great way to spread the word about your sorority. The type of small favors you hand out depends on your budget and what's allowed by your organization. Embellish your merchandise with your chapter name and a short slogan about your particular chapter. For example, "ΔΦΕ • Meet the Deephers." Branding your small gifts is an excellent way to reach out to PNMs and promote going greek.

It's best to avoid any products associated with drinking, drugs or sex. Stay away from sorority shot glasses, flasks, bottle holders, smoking paraphernalia and anything that's suggestively shaped. You don't want your chapter promo items to be mistaken for bachelorette party favors. Promotional hand-outs should be a bit of fun, but still represent the values of your organization. Your national HQ will be watchful of the message your marketing merchandise sends to PNMs. 

All the trinkets listed below are inexpensive when ordered in bulk and they should be imprinted with your favorite sorority message. To find the best prices, get estimates from both Greek suppliers and promotional product companies. For additional inspiration, take a look at wedding favors online. Sometimes gifties from a bride and groom are also appropriate for sorority marketing!  

• 47 Fun Sorority Promo Products •


Mini Plush Toys

Inexpensive Sunglasses



Sticky Notes or Sticky Tabs - "get stuck on ___"

Bottles of Bubbles



Sunglass Straps

Colored Pencils - "live colorfully ___"


Silicone Wristbands

Bumper Stickers

Temporary Tattoos

Nail Files

Foam Hats or Visors

Key Fobs - "the key to ___ "

Plastic Stadium Cups

Lip Balm or Lip Gloss

Military Style Dog Tags

Frisbees - "fly with ___"

Foam Fingers


Mini Hand Sanitizers


Handheld Paper Fans

Small Note Pads - "take note of ___"


Sorority Colored Rulers 

Door Hangers

Paper Coasters

Inflatable Beach Balls

Mini Megaphones

Plastic Pom Poms

Elastic Hair Ties

Rubber Ducks

Squeezie Balls

4-Pack of Crayons - "color yourself ___"

Coffee Cup Sleeves

Small Chip Clips

Pendants on a Stick

Compact Mirrors - "picture yourself ___"

Glow Sticks



Custom Candy Wrappers for Lifesavers, Bite-Size Chocolate Bars, Mints - "you were MINT for ___" 

Candy/Cookies/Popcorn in custom printed cello bags, cartons, boxes, or mini buckets

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