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How to Shoot a Values Based Recruitment Video

How to Shoot a Values Based Recruitment Video

Dear sorority sugar, My school is really pushing values based recruitment - which is great - but it’s placed a pretty strict hold on what we can do in our videos. I was wondering if you have any ideas for values based videos other than just interviews?

sorority sugar: After one sorority received a blast of negative publicity for their “hot” video, many panhellenic councils are cracking down on videos that are too frivolous or too sexy. You want to avoid showing sisters frolicking on the beach in bikinis, doing nothing but blowing glitter at the camera, or flaunting their decadent lifestyle. A sorority video doesn't need to be a supermodel showcase. You can attract PNMs by being authentic and genuine.

Like you mentioned, member interviews are a great idea. Ask several sisters to speak about what your sorority means to them. You can also show sisters having a good time living in the sorority house, eating ice cream together, participating in greek events on campus and hanging out. Just make sure their attire is respectable and their actions are wholesome. It's always smart to show sisters volunteering, raising funds and hitting the books too.  

Tell a short story with your video, such as "A day in the life of a Pi Phi," "From the KD house with love," or "Get anchored to DG." Make a list of shots you want to include, or hire a professional videographer. Your goal is to show your chapter in the best light, attract new members and keep your image from being tarnished. A recruitment video should show your sisterhood letting their hair down in an attractive approachable way.

• Images to Include in a Sorority Recruitment Video •

  • Sisters jumping around in greek letter tee shirts.
  • Wholesome physical activities like walking, rowing, biking, doing cartwheels, running, kayaking, zip lining, skipping.
  • Sorority sports teams doing their thing.
  • Exciting moments from bid day.
  • Academic awards and trophies. 
  • Composites and sorority memorabilia.
  • ‘Go Greek’ table displays.
  • Marathons, paint runs, bake sales and other fundraising activities. 
  • Sisters crafting and getting messy.
  • Hugging and goofing around.
  • Sisters singing a sorority song.
  • Sisters chanting a recruitment chant.
  • Interior and exterior of the sorority house. 
  • Images of your sorority crest, creed, symbols and mascot.
  • Sisters dining together at the sorority house. 
  • Big/little talking about their close friendship.
  • Still photographs of sisters in picture frames.
  • Members strolling on campus with sorority backpacks. 
  • Sisters saying what the sorority means to them in one word. 
  • Individual sisters holding cute chalkboard signs with quick facts about the sorority. 
  • Photos of the founders and a little chapter history.
  • Establishing shots of the campus and/or sorority row. 
  • Sisters reciting lines from the sorority creed. 
  • Members helping a child, cuddling a puppy, holding a kitten, visiting the sick or elderly. 
  • Sisters handing each other sorority flowers.
  • The chapter studying hard in the library or house study room.
  • Close up of your sorority badge.
  • Shots of banners, posters and other decorations.
  • Pictures from big/little reveal.
  • Sisters having fun with goofy props in a photo booth or photo frame.
  • Parent’s weekend photos.
  • Sisters dressed for gameday with the college mascot at the football stadium. 
  • Door stack cheering.
  • Stair stack posing, or sisters walking down the stairs.
  • Scenes from Greek Week, Lip Sync, Derby Days and other all-greek events.
  • Close ups of sorority lavaliers, bracelets, rings and earrings.
  • Nicely dressed sisters opening the doors of the sorority house to welcome PNMs.
  • Beauty shot of the chapter's lawn letters. 
  • Sorority decorated cookies, cupcakes or cake.
  • Sisters drinking pink lemonade from mason jars.
  • Outdoor picnic, eating ice cream and flying kites.
  • Sisters holding a garland or individual letters that spell out the sorority name. 
  • Sisters climbing a tree, crossing a bridge or sitting on a rock wall. 
  • Chapter throwing the sorority hand sign.
  • Blowing confetti, blowing glitter, blowing bubbles, blowing kisses.
  • Members releasing sorority colored balloons into the sky.
  • Sisters walking, driving or holding the sorority flag.
  • The chapter having fun at a local lake, river or amusement park.
  • Happy sisters waving sparklers. 
  • Stars of your chapter doing their thing - cheerleaders, athletes, student government leaders, campus ambassadors. 

• Images to AVOID in a Sorority Video •

  • Wet tee shirts.
  • Hot bikinis.
  • Super short cut-offs with high heels.  
  • Skimpy, bare, revealing fashions. 
  • Sexy swimming scenes. 
  • Dancing provocatively, grinding, twerking. 
  • Hard partying.
  • Blank stares.
  • Toying with food or drink in a suggestive way.
  • Superficial images exclusively. 
  • Shots that look too elite and snobby. 
  • Racially inappropriate costumes or hats.
  • Pajamas or underwear of any kind. 
  • Posing with designer handbags, luxury cars or private jets. 
  • Putting other sororities down. 
  • Parading around like a beauty pageant or fashion show.  
  • Blowing suggestive kisses towards the camera.
  • Sexy winking at the camera.
  • Booty shots from below as sisters walk up the stairs. 
  • Panning across a group of sisters at crotch level.
  • Too much cleavage.  
  • Frat guys with no shirts on.
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