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Enhance Your Chapter's Sisterhood Round

Enhance Your Chapter's Sisterhood Round

Dear sorority sugar: My chapter changed one of our recruitment rounds to a sisterhood round. What are some meaningful and memorable ways to show our sisterhood to PNMs?

sorority sugar: Quite a few sororities are changing their traditional skit round to a philanthropy or a sisterhood theme. To boost your new sisterhood day, put the spotlight on your strong bonds and the PNMs are sure to be impressed! These are some ideas that might inspire you...

Sisterhood Round Enhancements

• Set the mood! Decorate your recruitment room with XL photos of your sisters having good times. Take your chapter photo shoot images and enlarge them to life-size banners/signs.

• Show off your founders by creating a display that spotlights the origins of your sorority. A vignette of historical "sugar" in one corner of the room would be a real conversation piece. Ask a sister to dress in period costume from the 1800's. She can portray one of your founders, answer questions and add more atmosphere to your historical display.    

• Also include a table display filled with your chapter's own crafts, photos, fashions, awards, plush toys, etc. Build a "brag" table just like you would for a Go Greek tabling event. To give height to your table, consider hanging your sorority tee shirts like a garland around the room.

• Showcase each sisterhood event in your chapter by building visual displays for each one. Or combine them all into one sisterhood extravaganza. Props and enlarged photos will help you show off your...

  • Big/little program
  • Sisterhood socials
  • Retreats
  • Gamedays
  • Birthdays and other celebrations
  • Sporting events
  • Graduation
  • Alumni bonding
  • Sisterhood trips

• Have an artistic member paint several banners relating to your sisterhood spirit. On one banner feature your motto, creed, or slogan. On another, use a favorite sisterhood quote that really speaks to the strong bonds of your sorority. 

• Ask several sisters give heartfelt testimonials about what sisterhood means to them personally as it relates to your chapter. Set a time limit for each short speech and sprinkle them into each round.

Chalkboard signs are really popular right now. And they would be terrific for expressing your sisterhood spirit. Create them ahead of time and then have your floaters hold them as they move from conversation to conversation. Each chalkboard should express what the organization means to the sisters. Or if you prefer, they can be displayed on small easels. 

• Shoot a sisterhood video and show it during each session. This can be your recruitment video, or another one shot specifically for highlighting your sisterhood strength.  

• Include a house tour where PNMs can see the sister’s rooms and have intimate talks with the members about how close they are. Seeing how your sisters live in harmony is motivational. 

• Sing several meaningful sorority songs especially about the ties that bind. Emotional music is the way to a PNM's heart. Make sure you create a beautiful atmosphere with vocals, lyrics and accompaniment. 

Dress alike in chapter colors for the sisterhood round to show extra unity. Consider adding a signature matching "accent" so that all the sisters look united, such as a scarf, headband or pearls. This day is all about unity. 

• Include a representation of your alumnae, so PNMs will see how sisterhood is for life. Display alum memorabilia, or invite an alum give a brief talk on the ways sisterhood continues to enrich a woman's life for years to come. 

• Stage a sisterhood sharing circle. Have the sisters move into a loose circle, or stand where they are, while the chapter president poses the question, "Why XYZ sorority?" Each sister answers with just one word. The one word answers are heard around the room moving from sister to sister. This can be very dramatic and impactful. 

Highlight your "sugar." Badges, symbols, creed, flowers and other meaningful elements that represent your sisterhood should take center stage. Present each PNM with a sorority symbol of your choosing and explain it's meaning. This will touch the hearts of your PNMs and give them an inside peek into what unites the members.

• Some chapters add a hands-on activity to their sisterhood round. Depending on what you do for philanthropy day, you may want to plan an easy craft that represents the gifts big/littles make for each other. Or, make something similar to what sisters craft on retreats. Focus on a simple project that represents your chapter closeness.  

• At the heart of every recruitment round is the one-on-one conversations between PNMs and the sisters. Make sure your members guide their conversations towards the topic of sisterhood, bonding, friendships, loyalty, unity, empowerment, faithfulness and everything else that makes your chapter stand out from the rest. 

• Overall, the mood should be beautiful, welcoming and warm. Reflect joy in your decorations, visuals, music and conversations. Use your sorority colors and flowers to their best advantage. PNMs should leave your house impressed by how loveable your sorority is from top to bottom. 

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