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8 Simple Things to DO During Sorority Recruitment

8 Simple Things to DO During Sorority Recruitment

Sorority recruitment is not easy for anyone. It can be intimidating, challenging and stressful. But if you keep these sorority sugar BASICS in mind, they will help guide you through the week, as you journey towards your very special bid day. 

• Top 8 Tried & True Things a PNM Should Do During Recruitment •

• Be open and ready to learn. If you tell sorority sisters you already know how recruitment works, and you're 100% certain about which house you belong in, you will almost certainly sink your chances. An overconfident PNM is a major turn off. No PNM knows everything and even a legacy status isn't a sure thing. Remember, no one has a lock on getting a bid and you can't possibly know the inner workings of each chapter. Stay humble and be genuinely eager to soak it all in.

Present a polished outward appearance. Even though sororities evaluate your personality, and vote on your inner beauty, a first impression is still important. Bad breath, body order, worn out clothes, or dirty fingernails can hurt your chances of making a match. Practice good grooming and present your personal "best" exterior at a minimum. Yes, first impressions do matter. 

Brag a little bit, but not too much. Naming a few friends within a sorority, and mentioning your proudest achievement is perfectly fine, but going overboard with the name dropping, boasting about your family money, flashing designer labels and bragging non-stop about the amazing awards you won in high school is sure to backfire. There's a difference between tooting your own horn and being totally obnoxious about how amazing you are. Know the difference between attractive self-confidence and off-putting arrogance. 

Be a positive person through and through. Everyone has problems, but recruitment is not the place to discuss them. For one week, you must put your troubles to the side and glow from the brightest part of yourself. Stop yourself from complaining, whining, being negative, or even joking about whatever is annoying you. Avoid sarcastic comments as well. They may be funny to your closest friends, but with people you've never met before, snarking observations are just irritating. Save your critical barbs and sharing personal problems for after you receive a bid. 

•  Follow the Panhellenic rules. Tempting as it may be, trying to get noticed by being a rebel is not the way to go. Breaking the Panhellenic rules may sound like a way to stand out, but you're not the star of your own Hollywood movie. Sororities take the guidelines of recruitment very seriously and you will jeopardize your chances if you choose to go rogue just for fun. That means not communicating with sisters on social media, not talking how much you love to get drunk, not sneaking out to party after hours, etc... Go by the book or risk being shut out. 

Act excited but not obsessed. It's understandable that you're filled with passion and enthusiasm about joining a sorority. Maybe you even have an huge crush on one specific chapter. It's okay to be thrilled, but don't step over the line into crazy town. If you are too fanatical, too eager, too zealous, sorority sisters will back away. Monitor your extreme interest in pledging and stay cool. Being happy is acceptable, being weirdly overeager is not. 

Stick to the truth. Being honest is so important during recruitment. A PNM should never lie about her past achievements. That doesn't mean you can't put a positive spin on your profile. It's okay to present your accomplishments in the best possible light, while still being truthful about what you've done in life. You'll feel better about yourself, and make an authentic sorority match, if you keep things real. If you have to fake it to make it, then you don't belong in that chapter anyway. Honesty is the best policy.  

Above all ~ be flexible. There will be twists and turns during recruitment week and a successful PNM knows how to adapt. Flexibility is a must when it comes to going greek. Sororities know much more about making matches than you do. Be prepared for hurt feelings when you're cut from certain houses. There will be tears for most PNMs along the way. But it's all part of the experience. Finding your sorority home requires patience and an open mind every day of rush week. Believe me, the joy of bid day is worth it! 

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