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Make Recruitment High Heels More Comfortable

Make Recruitment High Heels More Comfortable

Recruitment week means hours and hours of standing in high heels. If you're a PNM, it also means long walks between sorority houses. I've collected the best tips for easing shoe discomfort, so you can focus on sparkling bright, instead of being distracted by high heeled pain!

♦ 16 Top Tips for Wearing High Heels ♦

The Right Size is a Must

Even a ½ size too small can kill your feet. If your shoe is closed toe, try ½ to 1 size UP to give your foot more room as it slides forward.  Never buy heels too small, no matter how gorgeous they are. 

Say No to Pinching, Rubbing and Squishing

If heels hurt even a little bit when you try them on ~ do not buy them! You will NOT “break them in.” They will break you. 

A Slightly Rounded Toe is More Comfortable

A severely pointed pump is a killer. Sharply pointed designs may look New York chic, but they are not a good idea for the long hours of recruitment. Look for designs that have more room for your toes and still look attractive. 

Never buy heels too small, no matter how gorgeous they are.

The Heel Position Needs to be Right

Wedges are more uncomfortable the stilettos. The important thing is not just the style, or thickness of the heel, it’s the position of it. The support must be right under the heel bone, not at the back of the foot, as is the case with some shoes. If the stiletto is positioned too far back, you are going to be thrown off balance and everything will hurt.

Low Budget Shoes are Not the Best

Plastic based materials rub and cause blisters. Real leather is softer, more supple and less likely to rub. Good quality heels are the one thing you may need to splurge on for the sake of your sanity and physical well being.  

Stop the Rubbing

Consider heel guards and soft moleskin that sticks onto the different areas of your foot. Become familiar with the line of Dr Scholl’s products at the drug store. Try gel filled inserts for the balls of your feet, but be careful that they don't squish your feet more.

Trim Your Toenails Super Short

There is nothing more painful than a toenail digging into your skin inside narrow heels. A superior pedicure is a must. Have your toenails clipped shorter than normal for recruitment week. 

Buy a Comfortable Brand

Some manufacturers are known to make more comfy heels than others. Recruitment is not the time for vanity or high fashion. Even if the brand is one your mother would wear, they may save your life. No one will see the label inside your shoes.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you have not worn heels in years, spend some time getting your feet and leg muscles acclimated to heels. Wear them out shopping and around the house for 15 to 30 minutes at a time. Become familiar with the feel. Build up to an 8 hour day of wearing heels.

Don’t soak your feet in hot water, which will only increase the swelling. Use cold water instead.

Open Toe or Peep Toe Can Help

A completely closed toe pump is the worst. If your chapter allows for some variations, see if you can wear a semi-open toe for more comfort. 

A Slight Platform is More Comfortable

A style with a little platform may help ease the pain on the balls of your feet. Avoid a super thin sole. 

Try Roll on Deodorant

Apply anywhere you're likely to get blisters. 

Don’t Go Too High

There are heels and then there are heels. Recruitment is not the time to tower in 5" stilettos. Stick to lower heels. 3" is a reasonable height. An even shorter 2" kitten heel is the most comfortable. 

Adjust Your Stride

The higher the heel, the shorter your stride should be. Don’t try to walk the same way you do in flip flops. 

Ice Cold Soak After a Day of Recruiting

Don’t soak your feet in hot water, which will only increase the swelling. Use cold water instead. Smooth with a good foot cream after your cold soak. A foot massage is also an excellent idea to ease your foot muscles. 

• Please visit the sorority sugar HQ CHAPTERWEAR STYLE GUIDE and the RUSHWEAR STYLE GUIDE for links to my favorite shops for sorority appropriate shoes! 

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