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Sister-to-Sister Product Review: ABD Hockey Jerseys

Sister-to-Sister Product Review: ABD Hockey Jerseys

You've seen the cute photos of sisters wearing matching hockey jerseys, but you weren't sure where to find them. The search is over! ULTRA Premier Tier Apparel Sponsor Adam Block Design has a NEW collection of authentic hockey shirts that can be imprinted with your sorority design! WOW. ABD sent me a sample jersey so I could look it over and tell you all about it....

• About Adam Block Design • 

Adam Block Design is all about originality, creativity and customization. Any brand, any style, any color, any design. If you're looking for the unique, ABD can do it for you. Quality products, great customer service, creative design, superior printing and fast shipping are all part of your ordering experience. ABD specializes in chapter orders with a 24 piece minimum, but they also sell crowdfunded BlockBuy apparel and accessories. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 10.28.38 AM.png

• About the Hockey Jersey •

ABD send me the dark green AXiD Jersey pictured above and it is amazing. First of all, it's an "authentic" Warrior brand shirt, not a knockoff.  That also means the jerseys run extra large. So keep that in mind when ordering for your chapter. The jersey is made of a mesh poly fabric, it has a stylish lace up neckline, lots of bold white stripes, large numbers, cuffed long sleeves and a long tunic like body. Very sporty and very genuine. 

The front and back can be customized with ANY design you wish. ABD has several different styles of hockey jerseys available in a range of shades. So you're sure to match your chapter's colors. Sizes are S-XL and oversized. The fabric is really tough stuff, so this is one sorority shirt that will never wear out. If your sisters love hockey, or they just love the look, this is THE hockey-wear for your sisterhood.  

Hockey Jersey Bottomline

I love how customizable the jerseys are. You can add numbers and graphics that mean something special to your specific chapter, like your founding date. I also appreciate the high quality of the shirts. Sometimes sorority apparel is inexpensive and doesn't last. That's okay for frat parties, but for a real statement garment, you want top construction and authenticity.

And the oversized cut means a wide range of sister sizes can easily fit into these shirts. No worrying about too-tight tees or unflattering crop tops on different body shapes. Everyone can be comfortable and happy in an ABD hockey jersey. I can see them being worn on gamedays, for sisterhood retreats, at fundraisers and to all kinds of Greek events. 

After seeing a shirt in person, and looking it over from top to bottom, I can highly recommend this new line of jerseys. If professional hockey design and total sorority customization is what your chapter is looking for, then please contact ABD for pricing and ordering details! I give my sorority sugar seal of approval... You can order with confidence.

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