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12 Ways to Have an Amazing Greek Girl Personality

12 Ways to Have an Amazing Greek Girl Personality

Greek girls know that personality is what it's all about in a sorority! The key to receiving a bid, and growing with your chapter, is being the sister with top tier character, sparkle and shine. These qualities are helpful for PNMs, new members and active sisters. 

• Develop Your Sorority Personality •

Confidence is Key

Don't be afraid of acting self confident. You deserve to be happy and to be a part of a wonderful sisterhood. Both PNMs and sisters can be self-assured without being cocky. Be humble, but let your light shine. 

Be Lighthearted

Everyone loves a girl who has a good sense of humor and brings lightness to the chapter. Be the PNM, or the sister, who brings a smile to everyone’s face. A flexible easy-going personality is excellent for recruitment and so valuable for surviving all four years in the Greek community.

Always be Nice

Be nice to everyone ~ non greeks, girls in other chapters, dining hall workers and others outside of your immediate friend group. Character is revealed by how you treat people in every area and level of life.  

Wearing a smile will instantly attract people to you.

Stay Cool and Calm

No one likes a drama queen or a mean girl. Emotional outbursts may seem exciting at first, but they quickly wear out their welcome. Never argue with a sister you want to remain friends with. Take a deep breath and cool down. There is no room for high school style emotional escapades.

Be Comfortable with Yourself

This is a must for recruitment. Feel at home in your own skin, make light and effortless conversation, maintain good eye contact and have positive body language. Don’t stare awkwardly, fidget, stammer, or be self-conscious. Being awkward will make everyone around you very uncomfortable. Be secure in yourself for sorority success. 

Be Happy

No one can resist a genuinely happy PNM or active sister. If you want to join a sorority, or run for office as an active, smile - smile - smile! Express your joy of living. See the best in life. Wearing a smile will instantly attract people to you. 

Create a Special “Trademark” for Yourself

Your unique wink, silly laugh, curly ponytail, or cool glasses give you a memorable way to be leave your mark. Share your signature style and let it help you make friends. Don’t go overboard with silly quirks, but developing a little personal flair is okay.   

Avoid the ‘Popular’ Chapter Trap

If you let your sorority obsession go to your head, others will start to loose respect for you. A true 'popular’ girl has a great personality and lots of friends without trying to be popular. Don’t let chapter pride and competition take away from your personality. As a PNM, don’t pledge a sorority JUST because it’s the hottest house on campus. Finding your perfect match will make you much happier than being in the top ranked chapter. 

Seek Respect

Wear clothing and act in a way that gains respect from others. Your appearance and behavior signals to everyone on campus what you’re all about. Your personal style, social activities and life choices broadcast who you are as a PNM or an active sister. Express your individually, but be aware of what you’re saying through your fashions, makeup, jewelry, hair color and your actions. Visual impressions count in recruitment and throughout your college years. 

Your personal style, social activities and life choices broadcast who you are as a PNM or active sister.

Be Modest

It’s okay to think you’re the greatest, but be careful to not overdo the boasting. People are attracted to a girl who is accomplished but humble about her achievements. Toot your own horn in a non-bragging way. Give lots of compliments to others. Accept compliments with grace. A polite, decent, respectful PNM and sorority sister will be the most successful. 

Befriend All Types

Be open to making friends with girls who are not normally your type. Go beyond labels. Don't categorize girls into nerd, preppy, slutty, or weird sub-groups. Socialize with girls outside of the ultra cool chapters. Get involved with the Panhellenic council. Don’t limit your life and your personal growth. 

You Get What You Give

A sorority girl with character gives her time and talent to her chapter unselfishly. As a PNM, give your all to recruitment. As a sister, give your all to sorority events fall through spring. When each girl does her personal best ~ everyone wins! 

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