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Top 11 Ways to Conquer PNM Shyness

Top 11 Ways to Conquer PNM Shyness

Shyness is a concern for many potential new members during recruitment. Even active sisters can feel uncomfortable in such an intense social situation. It's not easy talking freely with girls you just met. But you can come out of your shell and calm your nerves. Follow these helpful sorority sugar tips for overcoming your sorority shyness and shine bright during rush week!

🎀 Overcome Your PNM Shyness 🎀

• Identify exactly what you are afraid of in social situations. Are you afraid of saying the wrong thing? Having lipstick on your teeth? Stammering or running out of things to talk about? Once you target your underlying fear, you can tackle your specific nervousness.

• Create a special mantra of encouragement. Mentally repeat it to yourself in stressful situations, such as entering your first sorority house. When you’re feeling shy, keep repeating your positive motto in your head. For example, “I am a special and important person.” Or, “I can do this.”

• Remind yourself of your unique talents and abilities. Make a list of your ‘top 5 attributes’ and memorize them. As you feel intimidated, mentally repeat the best things about yourself. For example: I have a 3.5 GPA, I have a cute smile, I’m the vice president of the environmental club, I’m a championship swimmer and I’m a talented singer.

Keep repeating, “I can do this!”

• Use visualization. Picture yourself shining in the social situations that make you feel awkward. Pre-visualize going through recruitment, talking with sisters, going from house to house, etc… If you can already "see” yourself being a successful PNM, you will make it come true!

• Bond with your fellow PNMs right away. Get friendly with several other PNMs during orientation. Finding some fast friends will give you security and comfort during the recruitment process. Befriend your Rho Gamma/Gamma Chi too. And don’t be afraid to reach out for recruitment counseling. You are not in this alone.

• Take it one sister at a time. Don’t freak out by sooooo many sisters. You don’t have to know every active member right away. Focus on the sisters you speak to one-on-one and tune out the overwhelming crush of girls around you. Develop recruitment tunnel vision.

Visualize yourself being a successful PNM and you will make it come true.

• Look approachable and smile. Your body language should be welcoming and open. Looking happy and friendly is half the battle! Appearing cheerful and bright costs nothing and you don’t have to make witty conversation.

• Make the girl you are speaking to feel ultra important. Take the focus off yourself and direct it to your conversation partner. Look directly at the sister you are speaking with, ask questions and really get to know her. She will respond positively to you showing such an interest in HER!

• Give yourself recruitment goals. Pick an "assignment" for each day. Your pre-set project will take your mind off your shyness. For example, set a goal to pick your favorite PNM dress of the day, select your favorite chapter president of the day, or count how many times you smile and say thank you. These fun little activities will keep your mind relaxed and reduce stress.

Looking happy and friendly is half the battle.

• Challenge yourself. Push yourself to reach out more than you usually do. Make the extra effort to chat with the sisters you meet, talk with your Rho Gamma and hang out with your fellow PNMs in the evenings. Don’t isolate yourself during rush week. Alone time gives you the opportunity to worry and fret about your social skills.

• Just be you. Don’t try to be something you’re not. Revealing your true self is much more comfortable and freeing! Appreciate what makes you unique. Let your quirks shine ~ like your funny laugh or funny freckles. And most of all don’t worry about what others think. Recruitment is an evaluation process, but think of it as a giant friend-making experience instead. Finding your true sisterhood will make your shyness a distant memory.



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