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10 Crafting Tips for Sisters Who Hate To Craft

10 Crafting Tips for Sisters Who Hate To Craft

Not everyone is blessed with the crafting gene. But every sorority sister will be faced with the necessity to craft at some point in her membership. Taking a little means that minimal crafting is required of even the most unartistic sister. There are ways to ease the stress and get through your handmade gift requirements with style and grace. If you can paint solid colors and use a hot glue gun ~ you can be a super sorority crafter too!

• How to Sorority Craft With Zero Crafting Skills •

❥ Keep it Simple.  This seems obvious, but after browsing the striking sorority designs on Pinterest or Etsy, many sisters promptly bite off more than they can chew. Beware that your eyes are probably bigger than your talents. Reproducing a complex Lilly Pulitzer print on canvas is beyond the skill level of most non-crafters, even when tracing the design. Stick to simple shapes such as polka dots, stripes and solid colors. Trace when needed. A clear, clean, basic design will elevate your piece and keep you from having a nervous breakdown. 

❥ Get Realistically Inspired. Before you even lift a paintbrush, find a simple, achievable look to copy. For non-crafty types, this step is a must. There's no reason to attempt an "original" from scratch. Get inspired by other's artistic designs and then add your own twist via your Greek letters or your big/little's name. If you're painting a badge box, picture frame, paddle, or canvas, you need a sample to follow. The sorority sugar Tumblr, Pinterest and Etsy have tons of inspiration for getting started. Search these categories and then pick a manageable, not too intimidating, piece to imitate... 

  • Your sorority name. 
  • The name of the object you're crafting such as canvas, paddle, plaque, greek letters, badge box, etc.
  • Big/Little crafts.
  • Popular TV shows and movies. (i.e. Hogwarts and Friends designs)
  •  Your sorority sayings, motto, creed.

❥ Collect Your Supplies. Crafting with less anxiety requires planning and organization. Once you have your sweetly simple design selected, assemble the supplies you have on hand and see what you need to buy. Make a list so you only need one trip to the craft store. For example, you may need a canvas, two paint brushes, paints, and half a dozen daisies. And don't forget the small stuff like hot glue for attaching your accents. An old bottle of Elmer's will not do.  If you must buy some Greek accessories not found at the craft store, allow time for ordering and delivery. Rushing a project, and not having the right materials, is why many sisters hate crafting. Success comes from getting all your ducks in a row before you begin. 

❥ Sparkle Will Elevate Your Piece. Before your supply shopping trip, determine if you can add a little glitter or gemstones to your project. Accenting your design with a touch of sparkle will immediately take it to the next level and provide you with a classy finishing look. Sprinkle a little fairy dust over your simple design and you will be very happy with the elevated results. 

❥ 3-D Elements Add Instant Pizzaz. Accents such as flowers, ribbon, and pearl strands add extra flair to even the most simple, solid colored piece. For example, paint wood greek letters in your sorority colors, then glue a colorful daisy to the corner of each letter. Done! Easy-to-use three dimensional adornments are an anti-crafters best friend. The same goes for stick-on Greek letters, crests, symbols and mascots. Don't make more work for yourself than absolutely necessary. 


❥ Beware of Long Text. Those canvases with flowery script sayings look so adorable, but words are very tricky to produce. You can trace a cool font, but painting letters is quite difficult for the artistically challenged. Sharpies and paint pens will help, but as a non-crafter, it's better to steer clear of wordy designs. Stick to your sister's monogram, her name, your sorority name, or your greek letters instead. Think short and sweet. Use stick-on letters whenever possible. They look much cleaner than wobbly hand painted text. 

❥ Enjoy the Process. Crafting may not be your strong suit, but you can determine that you will enjoy trying it. Set aside a block of time to tackle your project, so you aren't doing it slap dab between classes. Turn on your favorite music. Make a delicious snack or have a large latte by your side. Set the scene for having a pleasurable experience. Don't think of sorority crafting as a chore. Your inner artist is lurking inside, so encourage her to emerge by creating a relaxing, zen like environment for your crafting.

❥ Craft Alone. Some girls like crafting in a group. But for the beginner who lacks experience, a group session can lead to competition and insecurity. As a novice, you should probably experiment on your own first. When you can wield a paint brush with self-confidence, then you can join the crafting party. That said, if your mom or best friend is talented, and they can help you out, it's okay to accept their assistance. But promise to do most of it yourself, it will give you so much more personal satisfaction. You may even like it!

❥ Take Your Time. Crafting under the gun is the worst experience ever. You must allow time for purchasing supplies, actually painting and assembling your design, drying time and final trimming. True art cannot be rushed! Even a simple piece may take a couple of days to complete. Establish a mini crafting space in your room where you can access your supplies, paint and then let your canvas/plaque/letters dry. Most sorority projects can't be hastily completed in one hour on the top of your bed. You'll need a flat surface available for few days at the very least. Allow plenty of time before reveal, initiation, or big appreciation week to get your work done properly. Your big/little is worth it. 

❥ Give Yourself a Break. Once you're carefully copying your inspiration, don't put pressure on yourself to be perfect. There are no sorority awards for being flawless. If you make a huge blunder, and you need to start again, start again. No problem. There's a learning curve to every new skill.  Keep in mind, your big/little will love whatever you produce. If your project is made from the heart, that's all that matters. Your sisterly sincerity will shine though. Take a deep breath and express yourself to the fullest! 

• For MORE crafting TIPS and inspiration, please visit the sorority sugar HQ How To Guides Page and the Big/Little HQ Page! •

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