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Smart Tips for a New Colony Recruitment

Smart Tips for a New Colony Recruitment

Dear sorority sugar, I'm writing from the University of North Florida. ADPi is coming onto campus this fall and I've been thinking of becoming a founding member for them at our school. Can you give me any advice on being a new member and starting a chapter? Also maybe what to expect with being a new chapter: struggles, ideas, advice, encouragement! Thank you so much.

Dear Colony PNM, I'm thrilled that you're interested in sorority life! Joining a new colony and becoming a founding member is a both a privilege and an honor. It's also a fantastic way for "older" students to go Greek.

The first step is getting a bid. Colonies do have a recruitment process and you will be evaluated like other PNMs wanting to pledge a sorority. The process is a little different than formal recruitment week, but the end result is the same ~ securing a bid to join. You will screened for membership, learn about the organization and probably have several interviews with ADPi actives. Typically, local alumnae, actives from a nearby campus and national representatives all participate in a colony recruitment. Those are the women you will be meeting with and talking to next fall. 

You can prepare by researching the sorority and having some questions in mind about joining a new charter. I have a list of smart questions for PNMs to ASK during a colony recruitment and top ways to show your interest during your recruitment conversations. Please check out this sorority sugar archives post for helpful tips... Ways to Shine During a Colony Recruitment from the HQ Recruitment Boost Page.

After you (hopefully) join, there are lots of ways you can help build a strong chapter at UNF. It's such an exciting experience. With guidance from your national headquarters, you will help establish the personality, style and reputation of ADPi for years to come. Please check out this post from the sorority sugar archives for my Top 10 Positive Goals for a New Colony from the HQ Chapter Life Page.

On a personal level, I have these suggestions for making a success of your new colony membership!

5 Ways to Maximize Your New Colony Membership

✥ Don't judge too harshly. The women you meet during recruitment are not the members you will be spending time with in the years to come. Avoid judging the personality of the new chapter by the regional or national reps alone. Your new sisterhood will establish it's own spirit. Look to your fellow PNMs for what the sorority will be like the first year. 

✥ Be more open minded that usual. There will be a mix of girls in your new member class. Colonies start out with an assortment of different personalities and different ages. Some sisters may not be your type at all. Focus about the big picture and accept that dealing with some variety is just part of a new colony getting established. 

Be patient. Rome wasn't built in a day. It will take years of hard work before your sorority reaches the top of Greek row. Stay positive, volunteer, step up to leadership and do all you can to build a super strong house. When energy and enthusiasm you can achieve great things.  

Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. Jump in with both feet and tackle as many sorority projects as possible. In a colony, it's all hands on deck for painting lawn letters, staffing the bake sale, decorating doors, whatever needs to be done. No one is above helping out. Catch the fever and give it your all. It's the only way to get the most out of your membership. 

Consider colony membership as a happy trade off. Yes, you will miss some things when you join a colony. Not having a traditional big/little reveal the first year, probably not winning Greek Week and not booking the hottest fraternity mixers are all part of a chapter's "newbie" growing pains. But instead, you have the lifelong honor of being a founding sister of the greatest sorority on your campus. You set the tone for future generations. You will become really close to your sisters though your shared experiences, both good and bad. It's a challenge and a trade off, but well worth it for the memories you will make!  

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