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5 Insanely Simple Sorority Ice-Breakers

5 Insanely Simple Sorority Ice-Breakers

Ice breaker games are a quick and easy way to help sisters relax and get to know each other better. They're essential for new member meetings, retreats, sisterhood socials, alum events and more. These ice breakers are short, sweet and simple to execute. Allow about 10 minutes max to complete them.

A Day in the Life of a ___

Insert the name of your sorority in the title. Copy this list of 8 questions onto individual sheets of paper, distribute the pages and ask each sister to fill in the blanks. After completion, encourage sharing to see how many sisters have daily habits in common. Also explore who has the most unusual daily activities. A terrific way to learn more about the uniqueness of your sisters.

  • The very first thing I do each morning is _________.
  • My breakfast consists of _________.
  • I love to wear __________.
  • The class I never miss is _________.
  • My favorite place to grab lunch is __________. 
  • If I have 30-minutes of free time, I like to _________.
  • I never miss an episode of __________.
  • I can't get to sleep without _________.

My Favorite Foodie Things

Food and drink is a top priority for most sorority girls. It's also a yummy topic for bringing sisters closer together. Copy this list of 8 questions onto individual sheets of paper, distribute the pages and ask each sister to fill in the blanks. After completion, encourage sharing and see how many girls have foodie favorites in common. This ice-breaker can also be used to divide sisters into teams for the next game or activity. For example, everyone who likes salty popcorn or Diet Coke is on the same team. 

  • My favorite salty snack is __________.
  • My favorite place to eat out is __________.
  • The sweet treat I can't live without is __________.
  • If I could only drink one beverage, it would be __________.
  • The food that makes me gag is __________.
  • At a party buffet, the first thing I go for is __________. 
  • My favorite fruit is __________.
  • My "last meal" would be this type of cuisine __________. 

Who Here...

This game helps sisters share likes and dislikes and includes some exercise as well. You will need an announcer to ask the "Who Here..." questions and all the members should be seated in chairs, benches, or on the floor. Participants will stand if their answer to the question is “yes.” If their answer is “no” they stay seated. Those standing should sit back down between questions. Pause between questions to give everyone a chance to see who answered yes.

Comments and open discussions are okay. The fun and purpose is to discover new things about each other. You can adjust the questions to tailor this game towards a specific group, such as new members, graduating seniors, or alums. If needed, add more questions to create a longer game.

Who Here...

  • Slept more than 6 hours last night?
  • Knows how to sew?
  • Doesn’t like coffee?
  • Can name the founders?
  • Ate a bagel for breakfast?
  • Works part-time?
  • Made her bed this morning?
  • Prefers a bath over a shower?
  • Read a non text book in the last week?
  • Knows how to play the piano?
  • Was on a sports team in High School?
  • Has been to a movie in the last month?
  • Prefers salty over sweets?
  • Knows all the words to The Star Spangled Banner?
  • Prefers the mountains to the beach?
  • Likes to play board games?
  • Has ever held chapter office? 
  • Knows how to ice skate?
  • Prefers pie over cake? 
  • Has a signature fragrance?

Meet Your Matches

This ice-breaker is meant to mix things up and get sisters out of their regular small groups. The goal is to uncover matching interests and experiences. Take the list of 16 categories below, and either create a grid (like a bingo card), or type them in list form with two lines after each category. Distribute a page to each participant and instruct everyone to first answer the questions for themselves.

Then members must mingle around the room and find two sisters who have the same answers for each topic. The two "matching" sisters must sign their names in the square, or sign on the line next to the category. Time this game and see how many matches can be made within 10 minutes. 

My Matchability Topics...

  1. Favorite Candy Bar: _____/ Match 1: _____. Match 2: _____.
  2. Favorite Kind of Music: _____/ Match 1: _____. Match 2: _____.
  3. Shoe Size: _____/ Match 1: _____. Match 2: _____.
  4. Birthday Month: _____/ Match 1: _____. Match 2: _____.
  5. Dream Vacation Spot: _____/ Match 1: _____. Match 2: _____.
  6. Favorite Website or Blog: _____/ Match 1: _____. Match 2: _____.
  7. Least Favorite Celebrity: _____/ Match 1: _____. Match 2: _____.
  8. Favorite Workout: _____/ Match 1: _____. Match 2: _____.
  9. Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: _____/ Match 1: _____. Match 2: _____.
  10. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: _____/ Match 1: _____. Match 2: _____.
  11. Favorite App: _____/ Match 1: _____. Match 2: _____.
  12. Social Media Most Addicted To: _____/ Match 1: _____. Match 2: _____.
  13. Preferred Super Power: _____/ Match 1: _____. Match 2: _____.
  14. Most Hated Daily Chore: _____/ Match 1: _____. Match 2: _____.
  15. Favorite Fashion Brand: _____/ Match 1: _____. Match 2: _____.
  16. Most Lovable Dog Breed: _____/ Match 1: _____. Match 2: _____.

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 10.52.49 AM.png

Car Scavenger Hunt

If you attend a school where some sisters have cars on campus, or they drive to a meeting or retreat location, this game is tons of fun! Divide your members into small groups of 3-5 and ask them to name their team. Give each team a copy of the Car Scavenger Hunt (folded from view), a pen/pencil, and a clipboard if you have them. Once the teams are established, they must select one sister's vehicle to be searched for items on the list. Encourage them to choose the car with potentially the most treasures in it.

When the Hunt starts, teams can unfold their list and hurry to the parking lot. Allow 10 minutes for the race. The goal is to find as many scavenger items as possible. There are points for each find. There are also bonus point for finishing fast ~ 1st team to return earns 30 bonus points, 2nd team to return earns 20 bonus points and 3rd team to return earns 10 bonus points. Extra points are given for each item that's sorority branded as well. The team with the most overall points wins! 

You will need prizes for this game. And several reliable sisters to carefully add up the scores at the conclusion. 

Car Scavenger Hunt Page...

Team Name __________. 

25 Points Per Item • 35 Points Per Item if it's Sorority Branded

  • Travel Mug 
  • Band Aid
  • Koozie
  • Campus Flyer 
  • Nail Polish 
  • Custom Floor Mat

20 Points Per Item • 30 Points Per Item if it's Sorority Branded

  • Water Bottle
  • Sock
  • Piece of Gum
  • Towel
  • Granola/Energy Bar
  • Fraternity Tee Shirt

15 Points Per Item • 25 Points Per Item if it's Sorority Branded

  • Packet of Ketchup
  • Sunglasses
  • Piece of Candy
  • Baseball Cap
  • Dental Floss
  • Flip Flops

10 Points Per Item • 20 Points Per Item if it's Sorority Branded

  • Receipt from Campus Shop
  • Restaurant Take-Out Menu
  • Button/Pin
  • Tacky Air Freshener 
  • Hand Sanitizer 
  • Hair Tie

Total Points: __________. 

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