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All That Glitters is Get Some Greek

Premier Tier Apparel Sponsor Get Some Greek recently launched a gorgeous new website and introduced lots of fresh new designs into their Look Book and Design Gallery. Exciting things are happening at the company and I wanted to know more. I recently interviewed Gerad Ewing, Sales Manager at GSG, to get the scoop on these exciting developments at GSG. Read all about it......

🌿  Sponsor Spotlight: Get Some Greek 🌿 

SS: What makes Get Some Greek stand out in the crowded sorority apparel marketplace?

GSG: That’s one of our favorite questions…what makes Get Some Greek different?  It’s all about our customers. There are a bunch of t-shirt companies in the marketplace, but we’re not a t-shirt company…we are a service company. Everything we do, from our account managers, to our art team, to our production is designed to make the experience easy and fun for sorority clients. 

Our sales team are all professionals (no part-time employees or college reps at GSG). Their sole job is to work with the sorority customer to help her find the products that she and her chapter gets excited about, and then to deliver the merchandise in a way that's enjoyable and easy. Apparel and event favors are supposed to be FUN. At GSG, we make sure that we deliver the fun back to our customers through hands on, active, knowledgeable service.

Our art team's sole mission is to come up with designs that are unique and really represent the individuality of each sorority we work with. The designers understand that each chapter has their own style and personality. Our artists love creating designs that are equally as distinctive and impressive. 

Our production team, which prints our products exclusively in-house,  (not sent out to another company to print) works hand in hand with our art department and our account managers to make sure that the sorority’s requests are the primary focus all the way through the process until the finished product.

In short, every piece of everything we do is about our chapters and we LOVE THAT! We love our chapters and they're who we work for every day!

SS: How does your ordering process work from start to finish?

GSG: Our process is really about what the member needs. We are here to help with every step ~ from picking the perfect piece from 10,000’s of products, to developing a flawless, extraordinary design, to collecting sizes and payment with a variety of tools and options, to delivering the merchandise on time to the chapter’s door. That’s what our account managers are dedicated to every day. They will be with you, so that you don’t have to manage the process. At Get Some Greek, WE manage it for you. Bottomline: you call or email us and we will take care of everything else!

SS: I'm obsessed with the NEW GSG website. Can you tell me more about it?

GSG: Awwww! Thanks!! We love it as well! The concept behind the new website is really all about showcasing the memories that are being made by our client chapters every day. Browse our Memory Book to see examples of real life sorority clients wearing the unique GSG styles that they created. Too many brands focus on telling you what you should look like and they set unrealistic expectations for women in sororities.

We wanted a site that reflects the REAL sorority experience for women across the country. Our designs are not just for size 0 models in Los Angeles, or only for chapters of 400+ members. Rather than try to sell you an artificial image, GSG designed a website that celebrates who you are! Every one of our chapters are different. They have different styles, they're from different states and they have different passions... WE LOVE THAT!

And, like every step in the GSG process, we wanted our new website to be FUN and EASY. The site is simple to use, cool to browse and can be used as a tool to make sorority product creation so much easier. Once again, it's all about our customers.

SS: How does your team come up with such exceptional designs?

GSG: Because they are mind-blowing geniuses! Talent and hard work. That’s their secret recipe. We're so grateful to have artists with INCREDIBLE talents who never allow themselves to get stagnant or bored. It's amazing how they grow not just every year or semester, but how they grow every day. They push themselves constantly to deliver for our customers in ways that exceed their expectations.

SS: What's the craziest thing that's ever happened at GSG?

GSG: Every day is an adventure at Get Some Greek. For example, last semester one of our Account Managers drove 14 hours round trip to hand deliver shirts for recruitment. Though exhausting, the reaction from the sorority when she showed up at their door with the shirts, made it more than worth it.

Launching the new website was also a crazy experience. We designed and activated it online ~ but didn’t tell our staff that it was launching. Hearing the employee reactions throughout the building when they got to see it for the first time was priceless! It was a top secret project until launch.

And Girl Scout cookie month was "crazy good." Last February we decided to have fun and surprise each of our customers with a box of Girl Scout cookies in their shipment. We didn’t tell them it was coming. The surprise was great!

SS: What are some of your best sellers and hottest trends for 2017?

GSG: 2017 is all about being UNIQUE! For many years it was all about using the same style of shirt for every event and using similar designs regardless of the event. Now, the hottest thing is boutique style fashion mixed with on-trend designs and fun printing processes. Daily we’re finding one-of-a-kind products, or we make our own in-house, so we can help chapters stand out more than ever. Mix that perfect product with a design that’s never been seen before (not something you found on another chapter's social media) and BOOM!

More hot trends for 2017: new printing processes we’re developing every day, over 80 colors of foil, custom patches, lace up shirts, zip-up shirts, fanny packs shaped like pineapples, fuzzy print, glow in the dark designs, GIANT embroidery… etc... There’s always something new that we're thrilled to introduce to our chapters.

SS: If you had to pick just one favorite thing about GSG, what would it be?

GSG: Easiest question yet…OUR CHAPTERS. We love them!!!!

Thank you Gerad for the awesome interview! 

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