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22 Summer Sorority Social Media Ideas

22 Summer Sorority Social Media Ideas

Dear sorority sugar, What is a good way to promote my chapter/our social media over summer before recruitment?

Dear Social Media Sister, A steady stream of social media posts is probably the best way to promote your sorority over the summer. Also sharing and connecting with your school’s Panhellenic sites as well. PNMs will be checking the Panhellenic Council online for updates on recruitment and you want to be a part of the action. In addition, these are some of my favorite ideas for your summer social media and keeping your sorority name out there......

🌴 22 Social Media Ideas for Promoting Your Sorority Over the Summer 🌴 

• Host a sisterhood summer photo contest. This is a great way to get new photo submissions and show off your sisters doing fabulous things around the world. Make it a contest, or post photos just for fun.

• You can also have several “throwback” days where you post the best images from bid days and other great events in the past.

• Spotlight your sister’s summer birthdays just like you do during the school year.

• Post a short profile of each sister throughout the summer. Several photos and a brief bio is ideal. That should cover quite a few days!

• Share inspirational quotes and motivational sayings with pretty graphic backgrounds. Many chapters do this and you can easily find good examples.

• Publish specific information on your sorority. For example, post about your founders, symbols, mascot, motto, flower, etc… PNMs will be eager to learn more about your organization over the summer. You can also share Panhellenic sugar, the Greek alphabet and other sorority life information. 

• If your sisterhood socializes during the summer, share your pool and beach party photos online. PNMs love seeing sororities in action.

• Repost national headquarters updates. Share interesting HQ information that sisters and PNMs might enjoy.

• Provide encouraging recruitment tips on your social media. You can create a cute graphic with a helpful tip printed inside. Give inspirational advice like stay true to yourself and let your inner beauty shine through. And practical advice such as, wear comfortable shoes and bring a water bottle

• Ask several sisters to model rushwear fashions for each recruitment round, photograph them and post online as helpful examples for PNMs. Creating a Pinterest board of appropriate recruitment fashions is also helpful. 

• Publicize new student activities, house tours, orientations and other freshman events happening during the summer months. Monitor the new student calendar at your school and share information that relates to PNMs. 

• Encourage your sisters to volunteer as Move In Day Ambassadors  or Campus Tour Guides. Publicize the programs on your social media.

• Interview some Rho Gammas/Gamma Chis and get a behind-the-scenes scoop on recruitment plans.

• Promote any summer events and fundraisers that relate to your national charity. What your philanthropy is doing nationally during the summer is of interest to your members and future sisters. 

• Interview your sorority officers, such as the Chapter President, Recruitment Chair and Membership VP. Ask them a few questions about recruitment and chapter plans for the fall. Include photos and share the interviews on your social media. 

• Post information about recommendation letters. PNMs worry about rec letters more than anything else. Explain how your organization prefers to handle them and give simple instructions. Help PNMs link to alumnae letter writers if possible. 

• Preview rush week with some images about all the exciting things you have planned for recruitment. Follow the panhellenic rules (and don’t give anything away) but see if you can tempt the PNMs with some tidbits of what’s to come. 

• Host a sisterhood “What XYZ Sorority Means to Me” summer activity. Ask your sisters to submit a short paragraph about what your sorority means to them and a cute photo with their submission. Share on your social media. PNMs will love reading these insights. 

• Shoot a fabulous recruitment video, post it online and promote it during the summer. Post exec photos and professional chapter portraits as well. 

• Go beyond recruitment and highlight each aspect of your yearly sorority calendar. For example, photos from your apple picking in the fall, beach chapter retreat, costume socials, Christmas party, spring formal, dodgeball fundraiser, etc... Give PNMs the full picture of what your chapter is all about. 

• Give dorm decorating tips and freshman survival advice. New students are eager for insider information on how to succeed in the first year of college. Get creative!

• Repost/retweet/reblog your sister’s summer posts. Let them do some of the work for you! 

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