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Digital Pix is Sweet on Sorority Rewards

Digital Pix is Sweet on Sorority Rewards

The difference between a good company and a great company is their customer service. sorority sugar Good Vibes Sponsor DIGITAL PIX & COMPOSITES offers premier customer care in many ways. Not only do they shoot the most beautiful composite portraits, they also have several programs that REWARD you for being a loyal client! I recently interviewed Marketing & Design Director Shannon Hanson at Digital Pix and asked her tell us about their sorority philanthropy donations, $100 gift cards, free colony composites and much more...

🌼 Sorority Clients Are Pampered at Digital Pix 🌼 

SS: Can you tell me about the three unique customer loyalty plans at Digital Pix?

DP&C: One of our most successful loyalty plans is the Philanthropy Program. When chapters select the All-Inclusive Package, Digital Pix donates $2 per person pictured on the composite to your National Foundation on behalf of your chapter. Over $168,000 has been donated to National Foundation since its inception!

Another excellent opportunity is our Refer-a-Friend Program. Customers who refer a chapter or student organization on campus have the chance to earn $100 gift card per referral. Just send us the chapter’s name and contact information, and we’ll take it from there. If the chapter signs within 6 months, we’ll send you a $100 gift card. Customers have earned as much as $400 for referrals! It’s a personal gift to say thanks for passing along the word that you love Digital Pix. Click here to refer a friend.

We also like to reward the person who organizes composites and helps at the session. As an extra thanks for their dedication, the Picture Chair receives a $100 gift card to order portraits. She can purchase photos, or share the gift card with her parents so they can apply the $100 to their order. 

SS: How does your FREE Founding Composite program work?

DP&C: Starting a new chapter is an exciting and challenging experience. As a Welcome to Greek Life, we offer a FREE founding member composite for the first year of a two-year agreement. It is a BOGO deal that helps a chapter start the tradition of composites. It’s our gift to a new colony for all the hard work the sisters put in to get their chapter off the ground. Book your FREE founding composite today!

SS: After sorority portraits are taken, how does your "customer friendly" previewing and purchasing process work? 

DP&C: From the start, you have a chance to review your pictures on-site on a laptop at the photography session. You’ll be able to zoom into the picture to see the fine details. Feel free to grab a friend to help decide on a pose. Can’t decide? Hop back in line to take a few more pictures. These aren't yearbook pictures. We want you to choose a photo you love!

There are a couple ways to order. Take advantage of our best prices by ordering at the photo session. During sign-up, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your date and time along with an order form. You’ll receive discounts of up to $15 and free shipping. Bring the completed order form and payment to the photo session and hand it to your photographer. Digital Pix offers a "no pressure" purchasing experience.

If you don't place an order at the photo session, no worries. After a quick color correction and touch-up, we’ll email you a proof of your photo. You’ll be able to click a link in the proof to order your pictures online. Feel free to share your proof with friends and family members, so they can see how great you look!

SS: In what other ways does Digital Pix serve sororities better than any other composite company?

DP&C: You’ll get a completely new perspective on composites when you partner with Digital Pix! Our goal has always been to make an exceptional product and provide excellent service. Here’s why most chapters are making the move to Digital Pix:

·      Professionals You Can Trust! Work with an experienced professional photographer who brings the studio to you. They come complete with lights, backdrop, and on-site laptops to view and choose your pose at the location of your choice. Our photographers are background checked to ensure the safety of your chapter.

·      Love Your Pose or Retake It! Instantly view your poses on a laptop at the session. No more backs of cameras. We know it's awkward to choose a pose in front of a photographer or sales rep. You are given the space and time to choose a pose perfect for you. Can’t decide? Jump back in line to take a few more retakes at the session for free.

·      Discover an Easier Way! We have our process down to a science. Scheduling starts early to ensure your chapters is happy with their dates. You’ll receive access to an online planner that will help ensure your photo session runs smoothly. Afterward, your chapter will be assigned an Account Rep who will personally manage your account to ensure your composite is accurate and error-free.

·      Details That Make a Difference! Your photo is carefully reviewed by a team member at our Headquarters. Our expert design team will touch up a minor stray hairs or blemishes, as well as apply a color correction to ensure a consistent look for the composite.  

·      Receive a Composite You are Proud to Display! Within 30 business days, you’ll receive a beautiful composite with a handcrafted frame that will last a lifetime, we guarantee it (in writing)!

Want to learn more? We’d love to talk!

SS: What are the hottest trends in composites for 2017?

DP&C: One of the biggest trends this year has been taking an extra set of photos to use as a professional headshot for LinkedIn. We’ve had several sororities ask to take two sets of photos at their sessions. They will take pictures in our complimentary black velvet drapes for the composite, then switch their outfit to take another set of photos for themselves. It is the best of both worlds! Interested? Contact us to learn more.

I’ve also seen a huge increase of people wearing glasses for their photo. As a person who has had glasses since 2nd grade, I love this trend. Don’t be nervous about seeing glass glare on the composite. Our photographers have plenty of experience photographing people with glasses and understand how to minimize glare. Just in case there is a little glare, our retouching team reviews each photo and touches up any glass glare for free.   

Another recent trend has been for women with long hair to drape their hair behind their shoulders. This makes for a very long, clean look, and it has an overall slimming effect. I can see this pose catching on in the fall.

🌼  Digital Pix Pref Promo Code 🌼

If you're not a Digital Pix customer yet... use the current sorority sugar Pref Promo Code and SAVE. Take $300 OFF your first sorority composite when you select a 2-year agreement. Discount code booking must be used by 9/1/2017. Photo shoot dates still available for spring, or lock in a preferred date for fall. Pass this great opportunity onto your chapter leadership! 

USE CODE: “SUGAR” when you Request a Quote on the Digital Pix website. Reference code “SUGAR” in the comments section.

Thank you Shannon for a fantastic interview! 

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