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10 Ways to Calm New E-Board Officer Nerves

10 Ways to Calm New E-Board Officer Nerves

Dear sorority sugar,  I am the New Member Educator for my sorority. And I am beyonddddd pumped about it! But, I am really nervous about the position. I want to be the best Pledge Mom I can be. I am afraid people are not going to take me seriously or think that I am not good enough for the job. And I am struggling with ideas for Bid Day, because we normally do not do one. I just wondered if there was any advice you could give me? Thank you!!! LOVEEEEE sorority sugar!

Dear Nervous New Member Educator, Getting organized and making plans before your New Member Educator job starts will help you a great deal. You will feel more secure and self assured. Flying by the seat of your pants can be very stressful. So I recommend taking these steps to calm your nerves and feel more on top of things..... (These tips are helpful for any new sorority officer!) 

♦ Start Your New E-Board Position With Confidence

❥ Review all the past information for your position. Read the binders from previous New Member Educators and soak up the material. Even if you want to do things a little differently, it’s always beneficial to see what was done in the past. Traditions and established procedures are your road map to success. 

❥ Familiarize yourself with your chapter’s bylaws. Make sure you are following the rules and guidelines for being an officer in your sorority. You can avoid mistakes and pitfalls if you are comfortable with the regulations. 

❥ Create a monthly schedule for your time in office. On paper (or online) make a plan for each month of your term and what you need to accomplish with your new member class. Break it down into weeks. Schedule your pledge class meetings, pinning ceremony, new member retreat, class dinners, volunteer projects and everything else your chapter does for the new sisters. You will gain confidence and personal control when everything is plotted out for the semester on a calendar.  

❥ Act competent and enthusiastic. A big smile, a warm heart and a willingness to work hard is what you need most to lead a new member class. Act as a role model, an advisor, a leader and an ambassador for your chapter. Even if you’re not 100% sure of something, it’s okay to act self assured with the younger girls. They have no comparison, so to them you will be the best New Member Educator ever. 

Work as a team player with the other officers in your chapter. You are not alone in your position. It's to your advantage to ask for advice, talk with your President, speak with your chapter Advisor and work as a cohesive unit with the entire e-board. When the new members see unity at the top, instead of bickering and backstabbing, everyone benefits. Bond with the other officers and work together to lead your new pledges towards initiation. 

Pace yourself. Being in sorority leadership is more like a marathon than a sprint. Avoid burn-out by keeping a steady schedule and don't overdo it. You still need to attend class, have a social life and do other things with your sorority. Don't let your office consume your entire life. Seek balance during your term and you will be more useful to the new members and to your sisterhood. 

Seek advice for planning new activities. If your sorority has never held a bid day celebration before, and you need ideas for planning one, please visit the HQ Recruitment Boost Page. There you will find top tips for all aspects of recruitment. For lots more chapter advice, please also check out the the HQ Chapter Life Page. The sorority sugar Archives and the posts on this website will help you tackle new projects more easily!

Lead with your heart, but use your head too. To be an effective officer, you need to be kind and loving, but also logical and unbiased. Don't play favorites with the new members and don't get dragged into messy emotional conflicts. As a leader, you must remain above the fray. Stay far away from gossip, stick to the important tasks and remain focused on the goals for your new members. It's easy to get sucked into freshman class drama, but they need you to be their compass and their steady guide. Think of yourself as a 'nice older sister,' not a co-conspirator.

Get creative and launch new projects. You will make a bigger impact on your chapter if you plan one or two new activities, events, or projects during your time in office. With proper approval, shake things up with some of your own personal creativity. Start with something small, like donut day for your new member class. Adding fun touches to your required duties will lift your spirits and make sorority life more enjoyable for your sisters. 

Remember you were elected/selected for the job. You ARE good enough to hold your position, since your sorority put you there! Your sisters have confidence in you, so don't let them down. Being elected or chosen for an e-board office is validation of your talents. Don't second guess your chapter's decision, just get on with being the greatest VP your sorority has ever seen. 



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