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How to Make an Amazing First Impression

How to Make an Amazing First Impression

Did you know it only takes 3 seconds for someone to evaluate you when you meet for the first time? A quick glance is the first step in hundreds of recruitment conversations. As a PNM, or a sorority sister, you want to impress from the first moment on. First impressions are very difficult to undo, so make sure the initial impression you make is awesome, appealing and amazing! 

• 12 Ways To Make a Fantastic First Impression During Recruitment

Be On Time. Sorority sisters and PNMs are not interested in your "good excuse" for being late. It doesn't matter if your blow dryer broke, the hem of your dress came loose, or you misplaced your keys. Allow time for problems and arrive a little early for every recruitment event. Nothing makes a worse first impression than being late. 

❥  Be Calm and Confident. If you act on edge and uncomfortable, you will make your conversation partner feel the same. No one likes to feel anxious when they first meet. Make everyone you speak with feel comfortable and relaxed in your presence. 

Look Appropriate. Not every PNM or sorority member is a super model, but participation in recruitment requires that you present yourself in a certain way. There are dress requirements each round and you must follow those guidelines for recruitment success. Looking polished and well groomed will make an amazing first impression. 

Add a Touch of Individuality. It's okay to express a spark individuality within the framework of "fitting in" during recruitment. As a PNM, a touch of your unique personality will also help sisters remember you. Pretty jewelry, cute shoes, or a unique dress are all ways to add some flair to your appearance. 

A Genuine Smile. When you first meet someone during recruitment, smile warmly. You don't even have to say anything! A winning smile is a guaranteed way to connect with your conversation partner from the first moment. But don't go overboard with "fake" smiles and insincere laughs. Those are an immediate turn off and everyone can tell you're putting on an act.

Have Good Body Language. Stand tall, keep your arms open and relaxed and make eye contact. Don't cross your arms around your middle, tap your toes, clench your fists nervously, or hunch over in a ball. Be aware of what first impression your body is making. 

Be Positive. You'd be surprised how many PNMs and sisters do a lot of complaining during recruitment. Rounds are not the time to bitch and moan. Remain positive every minute of your  conversations no matter what. Your attitude makes a very strong impression ~ for better or for worse.

Be Prepared With Small Talk. Before recruitment starts, do your homework. Select some questions to ask, review your own personal story and have some topics to discuss with the girls you meet. You can't be successful holding hundreds of conversations without some preparation. Pre-planning and small talk practice makes perfect. 

Give 100% of Your Attention. During recruitment rounds, there's no glancing at your cell phone every 15 seconds, there's no checking your texts or social media, there's no posting photos. You actually have to converse face to face with PNMs or sisters for hours each day. Give your full attention to your partner from the second you meet. Don't let your eyes dart around the room. Don't let your mind wonder. Full attention the full time is a must.

Good Manners are Magic. Say "please" and "thank you" at every sorority house. Show respect to the girls you meet, even if you don't hit it off with them. No one is beneath you. Politeness and classiness are still necessary in the 21st century, especially when you want to make an amazing impression on your favorite house, or on your PNM rush crush.

Be Verbally Aware. Don't talk super fast, don't say "um" and "like" all the time and don't pitch your voice really high. These are some of the annoying verbal ticks some girls have that can make a negative first impression. Review your bad verbal habits before recruitment starts and correct them. Record yourself if necessary and hear what you really sound like. 

Be Authentic. It's very tempting to be someone you're not during recruitment. You want to impress the top sisters (or the best PNMs) so badly, you're willing to "act" like you're a completely different person. But that only leads to a potential mis-match on bid day. It's much better to be your authentic self from day one. Step forward with the best version of your real personality and you will make a happy match at the end of the week. 



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