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Sorority Sister Summer Bucket List

Sorority Sister Summer Bucket List

The summer months fly by. Don't waste your time just laying around. Get out there and make your summer memorable with sorority sugar's bucket list of FUN ideas!

🌴  70 Sorority Style Things to Do This Summer 🌴 

• Take a day road trip to a town you've never been to before. 

• Make a blanket fort and invite three sisters over for a sleepover and a Disney movie marathon.

• Follow a YouTube video and learn some new make-up techniques. 

• Learn how to bake something and make it look just like it does on Pinterest. 

• Craft a wrist stack of summer friendship bracelets. 

• Organize a chapter book club where everyone reads the same book(s) over the summer. Discuss the books online.

• Stay connected to your chapter and help them plan fall recruitment. 

• Create your ideal Spotify playlist.

• Eat a food you've never tried before. Give it a chance.

• Clean out your closet, sell some things on Poshmark, then donate the rest to charity. 

• Host a summer photo shoot in a scenic location with some of your sorority sisters. Include a chic picnic lunch. 

• Get a sun tattoo of your greek letters or sorority symbol.

• Meet a famous person.

• Find the best slice of pizza in your hometown. Taste testing and serious reviewing is necessary. 

• Visit your old high school and soak up the memories.

• Plant a small garden and actually grow something you can eat.

• Kiss someone underwater.

• Organize a pub crawl for your sisters who live nearby. 

• Put a wish inside a balloon and let it fly away.

• Complete a big/little craft project and see if you can make it look Pinterest worthy.

• Visit a museum you've never been to before. 

• Do something unique with your parents. Think outside the box.

• Attend an outdoor concert or festival and totally dress the part, even if you don't normally wear those clothes.  

• Assist any local PNMs that you know figure out the fall recruitment process. Your tips can help them find their new home. 

• Leave a positive note on someone's car windshield.

• Organize a mini golf tournament with your friends. 

• Clean out your nasty old make-up and expired beauty products. Experience the summer fresh faced. 

• Save more, spend less. Designate a mason jar for coins and "save for adventures." 

• Work as a waitress in a hot spot and make lots of tips. 

• Get a new summer haircut. Choose a style you've never had the nerve to try before.

• Go to a midnight movie premier of a summer blockbuster.

• Spend the day at a water park with sorority sisters. 

• Host a tie dye party.

• Play beach volleyball.

• Go fishing. Eat what you catch.

• Spend the day at the zoo. Learn one new animal fact you never knew before. 

• Paint the walls in your bedroom. Be dramatic. 

• Take a long bubble bath. (You can't do that in a dorm.)

• Play a summer long Monopoly tournament with your family.

• Do one new water activity you haven't tried before, such as canoeing, paddle boarding, or kayaking. 

• Wear a tropical flower in your hair.

• Host a doodling contest with your sorority sisters. If they live far away, share your designs electronically. 

• Attend a state fair with your sisters. Try the weirdest fair food. 

• Buy matching sunglasses with your big/little.

• Work on a large, difficult jigsaw puzzle all summer. 

• Splash in an inflatable wading pool and run through the sprinklers. 

• Draw your sorority mascot, symbols and Greek letters with sidewalk chalk. 

• Learn a new card game and play it with your family. 

• Make boozy popsicles. 

• Dye a streak of your hair a wild color. 

• Go to flea markets and antique fairs to find unique decor for your room next semester. Up-cycle some cool pieces with colorful paint and a little creativity. 

• Make your own organic lip balm and face scrub. 

• Go swimming at night. 

• Invite your sisters over for a Nature Scavenger Hunt. 

• Buy the cutest, best fitting bikini you've ever seen.

• Visit one major landmark. 

• Do one activity that scares you - like riding the fastest rollercoaster, going skydiving, or riding a zip-line.

• Learn how to make balloon animals. 

• Interview your Grandparents and write down or record what they say. 

• Organize and host a neighborhood yard sale. Make quick cash and help your family clean out. 

• Host a watermelon or snow cone eating contest.

• Ride on a float in a parade. 

• Hand write a letter to your big/little and mail it to her.

• Carve your Greek letters in a tree. 

• Eat something unusual from a new food truck. 

• Throw your sorority hand sign in a foreign country.

• Say "yes" to everything for one day.

• Volunteer for a local animal or kid's charity.

• See how many FREE things you can do. 

• Make a summer memories scrapbook. Share it with your sisters when you return to college. 

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