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10 Simple Ways for a Chapter to be Awesome at Recruitment

10 Simple Ways for a Chapter to be Awesome at Recruitment

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Dear sorority sugar, What are some basic and simple ways to make a chapter be amazing at recruitment?

Dear Amazing Recruiter, That’s the ultimate recruitment question for every chapter, isn't it? Sororities want to stand out and be successful as much as PNMs do. These are some simple, basic things you can do to make a big impression on PNMs. It doesn't cost a lot to be awesome, it's all about hard work and an attention to detail. 

 Super Simple Tips for an Amazing Chapter Recruitment

 Pick an Amazing Theme. If you need a theme for recruitment week, pick a memorable one and integrate it into everything you do. A cute bid day theme is fabulous, but by then recruitment is over. Carefully consider your overall theme, or the different themes for each day of rush week. Everything flows from the theme(s) ~ from the tee shirts, to the name tags, to the room decor and the refreshments. 

Do Your Homework. Before recruitment starts, your chapter should be active and organized in pre-screening PNMs, networking with sisters to flag their high school friends, reviewing PNM's social media, looking at applications, reading rec letters, etc... A well prepared and well informed chapter will shine brighter during rush week. If all your sisters are properly prepped, they will be better recruiters. 

Ask Amazing Questions. Your chapter will stand out if you research some interesting questions that will engage the PNMs and help them get to know your chapter better. If you need ideas, download the sorority sugar Recruitment Question Guide for lots of examples. Then practice holding conversations that are a little more creative than the run of the mill inquiries. 

Dress to Impress. Dressing in matching or coordinating outfits is a simple way to make a polished, unified impression. Recruitment fashions can either be exactly the same, or similar in style and color. Jewelry should be kept to a minimum and be similar too. Visually your chapter should wow the PNMs. 

Amazing Chanting and Singing. It takes time and practice to perfect your chapter chanting and singing. But it's worth the effort. Pick some new songs and chants if it will energize your sisters. Nothing stirs the hearts of PNMs more than some awe inspiring vocals! It costs nothing to stand out in this area. 

Get the Small Details Right. Make sure your food and drink is creative and appealing. Spend extra time on your decor. Paint some new lawn letters. Produce an awesome chapter video. Pick a philanthropy round project that PNMs will love. Think carefully about your room layout and how to make PNMs feel the most welcome. Will sisters kneel and PNMs sit? Or, does everybody sit, or everybody stand? Consider every aspect things through the lens of hospitality. So many small details go into a successful recruitment, make sure your chapter has them all nailed. 

Practice Makes Perfect. If your sorority really wants to step it up for recruitment, extra Work Week rehearsals are probably necessary. Improve your transitions, carefully assign your bump groups, thoughtfully select your floaters, hold several mock rounds and practice, practice, practice. Nothing is left to chance when it comes to the recruitment conversations and how they're expertly handled.  

 Personable Sisters. Ask each sister to really think about her own background, her personal story and her attachment to the sorority. Each recruiter should know her own thoughts and be able to easily share some things about herself to PNMs. Make sure every sister is able to communicate why she chose the chapter and what it means to her. Sisters should also know what makes your sorority stand out, how it's totally unique and why it's the very best one to join. Personal testimonials are a simple and effective way to make your house memorable.

Set a Standard for Grooming. This is a delicate subject, but make sure your sisters are fresh and fabulous from head to toe. Take care that there's no bad breath, no greasy hair, no body odor, no chipped nail polish, no dirty toes, and the like. It's difficult to approach a member about an unpleasant hygiene problem, but for the chapter to set a high standard, everyone must be at her best. First impressions count when PNMs enter that front door. 

Be Relaxed. The chapters that shine the brightest during rush week are the ones where every PNM feels comfortable. Be the house everyone wants to join because the sisters are so cool and easy going. Don't let your nerves show, even if you're really stressed inside. Fill your house with laughter, open arms, happy conversation, joyful singing, clapping and chanting. Express the joy of your sisterhood naturally and PNMs will respond to those authentic feelings. Being genuinely friendly to all the PNMs (even the ones who aren't a match) is a very attractive recruitment tool. Make PNMs feel special and they will desire you in return! 

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