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50 Excellent Reasons to Go Greek

50 Excellent Reasons to Go Greek

Maybe you're on the fence about joining a sorority. Maybe you're unsure about what you've seen or heard in the media. As an active promoter of Greek life, I want to share my top reasons for giving recruitment a try. I've seen the advantages for myself, my family and friends and I want to pass those benefits on to you! 

🌸 50 Benefits of Adding a New Chapter to Your Life 🌸

1. Find a "home" on campus that anchors you right away.

2. Make fast friends with girls who are similar to you.

3. Enjoy an active and organized social life.

4. Learn more about yourself - your goals and your strengths.

5. Always have friends to attend parties and events with.

6. Have added security on campus and a group of sisters who watch out for you.

7. Get help with challenging academics and studying. 

8. Find close girlfriends for life ~ meet your future bridesmaids!

9. Make connections in your department/major. 

10. Learn how to get along with a wide variety of personalities. 

11. Network for your future career. 

12. Have a organized way to give back and volunteer for a good cause.

13. Get valuable leadership experience.

14. Advance your communication skills.

15. Learn patience and forgiveness.

16. Express your creativity in crafts, decorating and gift giving.

17. Avoid isolation and loneliness. 

18. Have someone to turn to for advice.

19. Learn how to bond with a big/little. 

20. Attend formal affairs and wear gorgeous dresses.

21. Have friends to travel with.

22. Learn how to recruit others to your sorority. 

23. Get experience in sales, marketing and promotion.

24. Find an outlet for all your love and caring. 

25. Learn the fine art of compromise. 

 26. Meet remarkable alumnae and be enriched by them. 

27. Have friends to exercise with when you really don't feel like it. 

28. Be a part of something bigger than yourself. 

29. Boost your career resume with all kinds of valuable activities. 

30. Benefit from getting involved with the wider Greek community. 

31. Have sisters to support you in a time of crisis. 

32. Expose yourself to new ideas and new ways of looking at the world.

33. Find out what it's like to be a part of a 100+ years of history and tradition. 

34. Be a role model. 

35. Find your tribe ~ share common interests with girls you really like and respect. 

36. Keep yourself from slacking off. The structure and schedule of a sorority helps you focus.

37. Have a safe place to escape the stresses of college life. 

38. Learn how to be more organized, keep a calendar and be on time. 

39. Have hundreds of sisters to swap and share clothes with.

40. Attend conventions and meet sisters from around the country.

41. Experience the unique pride in representing your organization wherever you go. 

42. Express your competitive side in sports and Greek games. 

43. Enjoy much better housing and meals.

44. Master time management by being extremely busy.

45. Be accepted for being YOU. 

46. Share your unique talents with a supportive group of lifelong friends. 

47. Find out what it's like to be bonded by ritual. 

48. Learn the skill of "sticking to it" through thick and thin.

49. Be a member for life.

50. Have more FUN than you can imagine! 

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