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🎀 Sorority Craft & Sorority Life Tips 🎀


• How to Craft a Sorority Paddle •

Elevate your paddle crafting with simple step-by-step instructions on how to paint a terrific sorority paddle or plaque for your big/little.


• How to Make a Flower Crown Headband •

Flower headbands are a "must have" for a festive sorority bid day! Learn how to quickly and easily make your own budget friendly Boho floral crowns. 


• How to Paint Sorority Canvas Shoes •

How about painting some canvas shoes for bid day, big/little reveal, or your sisterhood retreat? They're fun to make and fun to wear. Show off your sorority spirit with these easy crafting instructions.


• How to Paint a Sorority Mason Jar •

Mason jars make the best sorority gifts and decor. Learn how to paint these charming glass containers and use them in really creative ways.


• How to Create a Sweet Sorority Gift Basket •

Goodie baskets make spectacular gifts for all kinds of Greek life occasions. Get inspired with 16 treat ideas that will bring your basket together and make it shine. 


• How to Make Sorority Instagram Photo Coasters •

Put all those amazing sorority photos to good use! It's quick and easy to craft Instagram photo coasters with these very simple instructions from sorority sugar. 


• How to Decorate a Sorority Grad Cap •

Display your chapter pride and share the joy of graduation on your own grad cap. Follow these step-by-step instructions for crafting your grad day masterpiece. 


• How to Deal With a Non-Greek Roommate •

If you joined a sorority, but your roommate didn't, it can lead to lots of tension. Get sorority sugar's top Dos and Don'ts of coexisting in close quarters with an anti-sorority student. 


• How to Be Greek Girl Generous on a Tight Budget •

You can be a a giving sorority sister, even on a limited college student budget. Learn 18 inventive ways to be generous of spirit year round, no matter the status of your bank account.


• How to Plan Spirited Greek Week Activities •

Spice up your week of games and activities with some fun ideas that will excite your Greek community. Pump up the sorority and fraternity pride on your campus. 


• How to Plan an Indoor Fitness or Health Sisterhood Social •

If cold weather prohibits an outdoor event, schedule a fun indoor fitness or healthy living social for your membership to enjoy. Brainstorm active ideas from sorority sugar.


• How to Perfectly Pose for a Chapter Portrait • 

Review the most popular sister poses before your next chapter portrait sitting. Get inspired to try new props and staging for the most adorable sisterhood photos.


• How to Become a More Effective Sorority Leader •

If you're a chapter officer, and you want to increase your leadership skills, this is the post for you. sorority sugar shares top 10 traits a successful officer should have and how to maximize them.

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• How to Decorate a Sorority Door • 

Browse hundreds of featured sorority sugar door decor photos for DIY inspiration. Get cool ideas for creating a decorated door for recruitment or new members.


• How to Add Sorority Accents to Your Wedding •

Incorporate your dear sorority symbols and traditions into your big day. Get married in beautiful sorority style. 


• How to Shoot Snappy Officer Photos •

Help your officer's group shots and individual portraits stand out on social media with these creative tips for poses and props.


• How to Paint a Greek Cooler  - The Super Ultimate Guide •

Painting a sorority or fraternity cooler can be very challenging. Find complete instructions and product recommendations on how to create a cooler from A to Z with this ultimate "how to" post!


• How to Make a Bid Day Tutu •

Sorority tulle tutus are so popular and easy to make with basically no sewing. Get the look by following these simple steps for creating the cutest tutus for your next bid day.


• How to Decorate a Sorority Clipboard •

Recruitment chairs, chapter presidents, membership directors, e-board officers and big/littles love decorated clipboards. Get DIY tips on creating a super cute one.


• How to Create a Themed Mason Jar Gift•

Decorated mason jars also make amazing containers for new member gifts, holidays, initiation and big/little treats. Spoil your favorite sister with a crafted jar filled with special themed goodies. 


• How to Theme a Sorority Gift Basket •

The best way to assemble a stunning gift basket is to have a THEME. A theme brings all the pieces together and makes your collection of sweet on greek goodies look lush.


• How to Craft a Big/Little Scrapbook •

A handmade sorority scrapbook is a wonderful gift for your graduating big or your newly initiated little. Link to this post filled with creative ideas on how to put a keepsake memory book together. 


• How to Create a Sorority Graduation Shadow Box •

A commemorative shadow box will beautifully display your sorority and graduation memories for years to come. After graduation, assemble your keepsakes with these top tips on creating an attractive display.


• How to Publish a Successful Sorority Blog •

Maybe you're in charge of your chapter's blog this year, or you're launching one on a specific sorority topic. sorority sugar shares her top 14 tips for managing a sorority life focused blog.


• How to Avoid Burn-Out and Graciously Say "NO" •

Learn to pace yourself with these 42 ways to politely say "no" to your chapter. Don't let your sorority obligations overwhelm you. Occasionally saying no will keep you from becoming overextended and burned out.


• How to Get Chapter Meetings Under Control •

Weekly chapter meetings can cause a lot of frustration for chapter officers and sisters alike. Reduce the arguing, running overtime and other discipline problems with these helpful suggestions.


• How to Increase Your Odds of Being Elected to Chapter Office •

Don't get discouraged if your first sorority election ends in disappointment. Improve your chances of sitting on the exec board soon with these recommendations from sorority sugar.


• How to Perfectly Pose for a Graduation Portrait •

Pose your sisters in attractive ways for your senior class photos and you'll create a lasting memory of your graduating sisters.


• How to Pick a Philanthropy Donation Drive •

Donation drives are a great way to fundraise without a lot of up-front expense. Select a something interesting to collect from this list of 50 possible drive themes.


•Plaque Inspiration • 

Improve your "how to" abilities and enhance your plaque crafting by browsing the sorority sugar archives for hundreds of inspiring plaque images.

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• How to Fundraise With Your Alumnae •

Discover ways to raise funds online and in person from your sorority alums. Get the donations you need from the women in your organization. 


• How to Style an E-Board Photo Shoot •

Pick a signature look for your next E-board portrait session and help your chapter leaders shine.


• How to Trace Letters on Crafts •

Improve the look of  your sorority paddles, plaques, canvases, coolers and other crafts by tracing cool fonts instead of freehand painting your text. A crisp professional look can be achieved with these tracing techniques.


• How to Paint a Wood Sorority Chair •

Painting a wood chair for your sorority sister is a fabulous craft idea. And it's not as hard as it looks. Follow these sorority sugar step-by-step instructions and surprise your big/little with a very special gift. 


• How to Create Inexpensive Centerpieces •

Every sorority needs centerpieces for recruitment, formals, luncheons, dinners, grad events and more. Don't let the need for attractive centerpieces bust your chapter's budget. Get inspired with some "cheap" but clever tabletop decorating ideas. 


• How to Paint a Wood Badge Box •

A crafted badge box is the perfect gift for initiation. Get step-by-step instructions from sorority sugar for creating your own special DIY box to present to your precious little. 


• How to Use Crafting "Cheap Tricks" •

Big/little crafts are especially important for reveal, initiation and graduation. If you're on a tight budget, check out these tips for saving money on your DIY projects. It's possible to cut corners still create sorority crafts that look fabulous.


• How to Create Unique Thank You Gifts with Matching Notes •

Break out of your cookie-and-a-card thank you rut. Show your appreciation with a thoughtful gift and a clever matching note. sorority sugar shares 22 cute treats + coordinated note ideas.


• How to Assemble a Basic Sorority Wardrobe •

If you're planning on joining a sorority soon, or you just pledged a chapter, there are several essential fashions that most sorority sisters need in their closet. Jump start your Greek girl wardrobe with these sorority sugar recommendations.


• How to Make Delicious Non-Alcoholic Mocktails •

Stir up some tasty alcohol-free beverages for chapter's recruitment and sisterhood socials. Impress your PNMs and sisters with these easy to mix recipes.


• How to Handle a Micro-Managing Chapter Officer •

An overbearing President, or a critical VP, can be murder on those sisters who have to work with her. sorority sugar gives you valuable advice on how to manage a super demanding officer and survive. 


• How to Plan an Active Outdoor Sisterhood Social •

Choose a fresh air sisterhood social from sorority sugar's outdoor list and your sisters will love the healthy fitness experience.


• How to Pick a 21st Birthday Sorority Waltz Theme •

Create the sassiest sign for your sister's 21st Birthday celebration. Get lots of fun ideas from sorority sugar's master list of potential themes. 


• How to Pick a Tasty Foodie Fundraiser •

Review lots of different food themed fundraising ideas with this master list of edible money makers from sorority sugar. Sweet or savory, you're sure to please your donors and raise funds for your favorite philanthropy at the same time.


• Paddle Inspiration •

Improve your "how to" abilities and enhance your paddle crafting by browsing the sorority sugar archives for thousands of inspiring paddle images.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 10.19.33 AM.png

• Grad Cap Inspiration • 

Improve your "how to" abilities and enhance your cap crafting by browsing the sorority sugar archives for hundreds of inspiring grad cap images.


• How to Plan a Sensational "On Campus" Sisterhood Retreat •

sorority sugar shares 16+ activity ideas for hosting a chapter retreat on campus. You don't have to leave town to have a brilliant bonding experience. 

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