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♦ Recruitment Boost for PNMs and Sorority Sisters

Sorority recruitment can be a challenge for everyone involved. LINK to PNM and sorority sister advice, inspiration and ideas from the sorority sugar Tumblr archives via the thumbnail listings on this page. For more Recruitment tips, please visit the HQ Homepage and use the Search Bar to find additional posts.

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• The Classy PNM Etiquette Guide • 

As a PNM wanting to make a good impression, recruitment manners are a must. You can't go wrong if you error on the side of being polite and nice. Get sorority sugar's top 15 Do's & Don'ts for being a classy PNM. 


• How to Choose the Right Sorority For YOU • 

If you can't decide which sorority to rank #1, get excellent advice from sorority sugar followers on the very best ways to make your final decision.

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• Top 9 Ways to Deal With Not Getting a Bid • 

Not getting a bid at the end of recruitment is terribly disappointing. If you find yourself empty handed at the end of rush week, link to sorority sugar's top tips for dealing with a rush week disappointment. 


• The Ins & Outs of Sorority Recruitment Cross Cutting •

Cross cutting is when a PNM ends up with no bid after the final Preference Round. It's a complicated series of events that doesn't occur often, but a PNM may face it. Get the scoop on cross cutting and how it happens.


• Top 50 Bid Day Goodie Bag Gift Ideas •

Link to a quick list of small sorority treats to include in your new member bid day tote bags. 

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• Make Lemonade from Bid Day Lemons •

If you got a bid, but not the one you wanted, this post is for you. Give your new chapter a chance with sorority sugar's top tips on how to make the best of Greek life after a rocky start.

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• Top 13 Ways to Avoid Feeling Inferior During Recruitment • 

Formal recruitment is filled with personable, attractive and fashionable PNMs and sorority sisters. Avoid feeling totally intimidated with these 13 ways of maintaining your PNM self confidence.

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• Top 14 Ways to Stay HAPPY During Recruitment • 

For most PNMS, recruitment is a roller coaster ride of mixed emotions, victories and disappointments. Learn the best ways to project happiness all the way to bid day, no matter what happens behind the scenes. 

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• Daily Ice Breakers & Fun Questions for PNM Groups •

Invigorate your PNM group with some short ice breaker games and motivational questions at the beginning and end of each day during the week. Great inspiration for Recruitment Counselors. 


• Top 10 Ways to Be a Remarkable PNM •

Outstanding PNMs put these successful conversation habits to good use. Boost your changes for bid day happiness with these 10 ways to make a fantastic impression on sorority sisters. 

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• How to Have SUPERIOR Recruitment Conversations • 

Brush up on your small talk skills with these 20 top tips for maximizing your recruitment chats. Helpful advice for PNMs and sorority sisters.

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• 106 Ways to Describe PNMs with Style •

Get more creative with your PNM feedback by using some new adjectives to describe the girls you meet during recruitment. Go beyond "nice" and "sweet" and really define the spirit of the PNMs under consideration.

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• 13 INDOOR Bid Day Activity Ideas •

If cold weather prohibit your chapter from hosting on outdoor bid day celebration, discover creative themes and activities for an indoor party.

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• 12 Ways to Be an Organized Recruitment Chair •

The key to being a successful sorority leader is organization. Learn top planning tips for staging an amazing recruitment. 

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• Long Hours of Recruitment PNM Survival Guide •

Survive the heat, the long hours of standing and the endless conversations at the heart of formal recruitment week. Embrace the experience and increase your PNM stamina. 

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• 101 Things to NOT Do During Recruitment • 

Check out this master list of things PNMs and sorority sisters should avoid doing during recruitment. 

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• How to Make Others Feel Comfortable Around You During Recruitment • 

sorority sugar shares the top 14 ways to put PNMs or sorority sisters at ease when you talk with them during rounds. Gaurantee that others will feel welcomed and charmed by your presence. 

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• Stay True to Yourself During Recruitment & Beyond •

Dare to stay loyal to your core beliefs as you go away to college and join a sorority. Check out these top 10 ways to keep your standards high and have a happy Greek life at the same time.

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• Top 20 Ways to Promote Going Greek •

Keep your Panhellenic community visible and attractive to PNMs on campus with these "Go Greek" promotional ideas.

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• 10 Things to Do if Your New Sorority Wasn't Your First Choice • 

Recruitment can bring much happiness, but sometimes the results are unexpected. What if you didn't get a bid from your #1 choice? You can still find joy at sorority #2 or #3!

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• Bid Day Banner Ideas • 

Pump up the volume on your bid day decor with an eye popping banner welcoming your new members to the tribe. View hundreds of cute and colorful chapter banners featured by sorority sugar.


• Fab Photo Frame Ideas •

Bid day photo frames are a "must have." Browse hundreds of creative ideas for spotlighting your sisters in a cute sorority frame. 


• Lawn Letter Inspiration • 

Spice up your recruitment and bid day with a freshly painted set of lawn letters. Find thousands of inspiring ideas featured by sorority sugar.


• 25 PNM Casual Looks to AVOID in Hot Weather •

Participating in formal or informal recruitment in August or September is a challenge. Avoid these PNM casual wear mistakes and look fresh and fabulous - even in the blistering heat.

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• Top 12 Ways to Manage Your Recruitment Nerves •

Both PNMs and sorority sisters are nervous about recruitment. It can be a stressful and frightening time. Try these calming techniques to reduce your anxiety and control your jitters. 


• Top 8 Ways to Be a More Extroverted PNM •

Let your inner personality sparkle with these sorority sugar tips for being a more outgoing PNM during recruitment.  

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• How to Stand Out in the PNM Crowd •

Standing out during recruitment is tricky business. As a PNM, you want to be unique and original, but not so odd that you don't fit in. Let your personality shine with these top 8 tips for being remembered in the best possible way.

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• How to Shoot a Classy Recruitment Video •

Recruitment videos should be appealing, values-based and fun to watch. Make sure your chapter's production is classy and attracts PNMs to your sisterhood at the same time. 


• 20 "No-Sew" Philanthropy Round Activity Ideas • 

Recruitment crafts with PNMs should be simple, approachable and related to your philanthropy if possible. sorority sugar shares 20 easy to handle projects that your sisters and PNMs will love. No messy goo, no sharp needles and no staining allowed!


• Bid Day Activity Ideas • 

Bid day is the happiest day of the year. Plan an lively celebration your new members won't forget.


• Top 8 Tips for First Time Recruiters •

Suddenly you're on the other side of recruitment  ~ now what? New sisters make excellent recruiters since they remember being a nervous PNM just a short time ago. Treat PNMs like future sisters and keep these sorority sugar suggestions in mind.

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• Avoid Bid Promising - 24 Phrases NOT to Use During Recruitment •

Just say "no" to dirty rushing and making promises to PNMs that you can't keep. Steer clear of predictions and assurances that are seriously out of Panhellenic bounds. Plus, 14 positive expressions you can use in your conversations. 

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• Top Tips for Sorority Recruitment Bumping •

Fine tune your chapter's bumping system with these organizational tips from sorority sugar. Improve your rotations, your transitions and your overall goals for each round of recruitment. 

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• 40 Positive PNM Recruitment Mantras • 

Pick your favorite PNM catchphrase and repeat it to yourself as you go through recruitment. Be courageous, be bold and stay self-assured with your personal buzzwords.

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• 20 SAFE Recruitment Conversation Topics for PNMs & Sisters •

Politics, religion, drinking and fraternities are strictly off limits for conversations, but there are still lots of things you CAN talk about during recruitment. Get the scoop on what's safe to discuss.

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• Creative Informal Recruitment Themes & Activities •

Brainstorm themes for your chapter's informal recruitment and give your PNMs something FUN to do while you get to know them.

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• 50 Last Minute Recruitment Tips for PNMs & Sisters • 

Help! Formal recruitment starts tomorrow. Link to last minute quick tips from sorority sugar.

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• Formal Recruitment Master Planning Checklist •

Plan an excellent formal recruitment from A to Z and don't miss a thing with sorority sugar's To Do Checklist. 

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• 8 Encouraging Tips for Older PNMs •

Are you a sophomore or junior PNM worried about recruitment? Let sorority sugar sooth your anxiety and assure you everything will be okay. You CAN pledge a sorority as on older PNM. 

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• 14 Ways to Be a Super  Charming PNM • 

Charm your way into the heart of the every sorority sister you meet. Being a loveable, friendly PNM is highly recommended for bid day success. 

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• Top 16 Ways to Keep Recruitment Conversations Going Strong •

Don't let your PNM/sister talking skills sputter out during a round, or stall mid way through recruitment week. Keep your sorority conversations solid with these helpful suggestions.

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• Do's and Don'ts for A+ Chapter Recruiting •

Boost your sorority's recruitment skills with these 7 Do's and 7 Don't for staging a successful formal recruitment. Shine bright and attract top tier PNMs. 

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• Ultimate Chapter Recruitment Survival Kit • 

Stay cool, stay calm and stay sorority sweet by putting together a collection of 40 necessities for work week and recruitment week. Never let them see you sweat!

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• Go Greek Tabling Ideas •

Recruitment success starts with an amazing 'Meet the Greeks' table display. View hundreds of inspiring table decor images featured by sorority sugar.


• Bid Day Theme Ideas• 

Picking the perfect THEME for your bid day celebration is so important. Get inspired by thousands of bid bliss themes featured by sorority sugar. 


• Bid Day Photo Booth Ideas •

Get great decoration and prop ideas for your bid day photo booth from hundreds of images featured by sorority sugar. Perfect for boosting your sisterhood posing.


• Fun Informal Recruitment Party Ideas •

Informal COB events should be fun, festive and casual. Link to more of sorority sugar's favorite informal party themes.  

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• 24 PNM Tips Especially for Informal Recruitment •

Just because the atmosphere is casual, doesn't mean you can let your guard down as a PNM. Stay on top of your game, even at relaxed COB events, with these top tips from sorority sugar.


• Use Your Heart And Your Head to Pick the Right Sorority •

When ranking sororities during formal recruitment, a PNM should use her heart and her head in making decisions. Check out these top 12 ways to use your heart and top 12 ways to use your head all week long - especially in your final rankings. 

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• Be the Best PNM from A to Z •

Yes, you can ace sorority recruitment. Be an outstanding, amazing, memorable PNM from head to toe ~ inside and out!


• How to Choose a Sorority After Pref Night •

If you're lucky enough LOVE two or three sororities, and you can't decide how to rank them after the Preference Round, answer these 16 "I can't decide!" questions from sorority sugar. You should see clearly which chapter to rank as your #1. 

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• Super Cute Recruitment & Bid Day Snack Food Ideas • 

Keep your recruitment food simple, but make it really cute too. Get inspired by some creative finger food ideas that are adorable for sorority events. 


• Top 14 Ways to Encourage Your Chapter to Recruitment Success • 

Formal recruitment can be very draining on sorority sisters. Motivate your chapter to work at their peak performance by giving them lots of positive praise. 


• 12 Ways to Boost Chapter Morale During Recruitment Work Week •

Sororities have a lot riding on the rehearsals and long hours of preparation during work week. The stress can get to everyone. Keep your sisters smiling with this helpful list of "feel better" ideas from sorority sugar. 

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• 20 Ways to Not Be Overwhelmed by So Many Recruitment Conversations • 

Coming face to face with hundreds sorority sisters and PNMs can be overwhelming. Don't be swamped by the large numbers. Manage your numerous recruitment conversations with these 20 top tips for conversation success. 

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• Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Recruitment Conversation Skills • 

Excel in your recruitment conversations with these helpful tips from sorority sugar. This post is for PNMs and sorority sisters both. Improve your ability to connect with other girls during the pressure cooker of recruitment.

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• Top 20 PNM Tips for a Competitive Super Sized Recruitment •

If you're a PNM participating in an extremely competitive recruitment at a large University, link to sorority sugar's best advice for standing out in a huge crowd of PNMs.

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• 12 Confidence Boosters for First Time Recruiters • 

Learn how to speak about your sorority in a friendly relaxed way, evaluate PNM with confidence and enjoy being on the "other" side of recruitment for the first time.

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• Make Your Personality Count Before, During & After Recruitment • 

Greek girls know that personality is what it's all about in a sorority. Develop your top tier character is the key to getting the bid you really want and growing strong within your new chapter.

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• 14 More Informal Recruitment Party Ideas •

COB events are much more enjoyable when you have a theme and a matching activity. Impress your PNMs with your sorority's cute and creative events. 

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• Shine During a Colony Recruitment •

Find 17 excellent questions to ask colony recruiters and learn ways to show your interest in pledging a new chapter on campus.  

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• Bid Day Master Planning Checklist •

Plan a fabulously fun bid day from A to Z with sorority sugar's To Do Checklist. Celebrate your new members with style and pizazz. 

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• Top 7 Tips for Recruiting on a Dime •

If your sorority is on a tight budget, you can still stage a terrific formal recruitment. Don't let a lack of funds stop your chapter from attracting the very best PNMs.

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• Inexpensive Recruitment Centerpiece Ideas •

Don't let recruitment centerpieces break your chapter's budget. Discover lots of clever DIY ways to decorate your tables with wow designs on a dime. 


• Top 10 Ways to Maximize Your Sorority SMILE • 

A beautiful smile is your #1 recruitment accessory. Recruit the best PNMs, or be the most attractive PNM, with a winning smile.

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• What NOT to Wear for Recruitment • 

Avoid these 8 PNM fashion and grooming mistakes when going through formal recruitment. Look your natural best and loose the rest. 

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• Be an Amazing Recruitment Counselor •

If you've volunteered to help nervous PNMs through recruitment - it's your time to shine as a role model and mentor. Don't panic, get 8 top tips for being a successful Rho Gamma/Pi Chi/Gamma Chi/Rho Chi.

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• Balloon Decor Inspiration • 

What's recruitment and bid day without balloons? Link to hundreds of balloon decorating ideas featured by sorority sugar. 

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• Notifier Inspiration • 

Get inspired by hundreds of imaginative notifier ideas featured by sorority sugar. Welcome your new members with adorable name signs made just for them. 


• Recruitment & Bid Day Sign Sugar • 

Sorority signs and posters are a festive addition to any bid day, photo booth, or sisterhood event. View hundreds of adorable signs featured by sorority sugar. 

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• Do's and Don'ts For Explaining a "Re-Rush" •

If you are a re-rushing PNM, you want to be honest during recruitment, but also soften whatever went wrong the first time you tried to go Greek. Get the scoop on what to say and what not to say when speaking with sorority sisters.


• Ace Your Recruitment Counselor Interview •

sorority sugar shares top tips for doing well in a Rho Gamma/Gamma Chi interview. Show the Panhellenic Council you have what it takes to mentor PNMs through formal recruitment.  

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